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Letter from the Director!

In this season, many people are setting goals and reflecting on the successes of the past. We have shared with families our goals as a program for school readiness. These goals can also be viewed at our parent board in the center. As teachers work to collect observations, they intentionally seek out opportunities to help children reach their milestones. During Family Conferences, families will be encouraged to set goals for their child. Going beyond these goals, our teachers want to work with families year-round on setting goals and communicating joint efforts to help support children.

Additionally, as you are in our center, new faces may be noticed. Just as a reminder, our center often hosts educators who are studying child development and want to see best-practices first-hand. During 2020 our center will host students from Tulsa Community College, participants in the Child Development Associate Program, and other students of early childhood. Our center is also the training ground for our colleagues preparing to open our new program in the Owasso/Sperry community. In all cases, students and all employees have had background checks including fingerprinting. We are excited to assist the growth and development of early childhood programming.

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

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