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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Can you believe it’s already February? Our focus this month will be learning about community helpers and how they are involved in our everyday lives.

We plan to discover our community helpers in many ways this month!

Bartlesville Fire and Rescue, Bartlesville Police department, Bartlesville Public Library, local Service Members of our Armed Forces, Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, Maintenance workers, Mail Carriers, and many other local volunteers will be visiting our classrooms this month to read to our littles and teach them how they help in our community.

In class we will learn about community helpers by reading books about police officers, firemen, and many other community helpers. We will be learning the sounds that all of our community helper vehicles make. When in dramatic play, the children will get the opportunity to experience social dramatic play by acting out roles of the community helpers. We will do this by providing community helper outfits and acting out real scenarios amongst each other.

Also, with our class expanding, we will still continue learning about our feelings and each other’s temperaments. We will do this by helping the children express their emotions with words or forms of words instead of actions.

I’m inviting all of our parents to come in and read a book to the children about community helpers this month as well.

Ms. Anita

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