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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

Infant 2 has been working on a lot of fun things in the month of December! We made some pretty fun Christmas crafts for our parents and families, and the children got to see Santa! As always, we are very appreciative to the parents who came and spent time in the classroom for the special holiday events this month. We want to encourage all family members to come visit the classroom and spend some time with the children, even if just to read them a book during the day! It never has to be limited to special holiday events for parents to be invited! We welcome you all to come in as often as you would like to be around the children!

We have been focusing on the Approaches to Learning and expanding our language this month! The children have been working very hard on their sign language and finding more ways to express themselves through music, dance, and play.

We look forward to starting the new year off and have many fun things planned this upcoming month in the classroom! Thank you to the parents and families for giving us the opportunity to love and care for your children every day! It is truly a privilege.

Ms. Stormee

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