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Letter from the Director!

Happy New Years!

The month of January brings anticipation of beginning a new year filled with fresh and exciting experiences with your little ones! I would like to jump back in and discuss how we, as parent’s, can approach discipline in a fresh new light.

We began diving into the book No-Drama Discipline a few months back. Let’s refresh our minds on what No-Drama Discipline means. We learned that discipline means to teach. Our little ones do not automatically know the appropriate ways to behave. We must teach our children. No-Drama Discipline provides parents with an effective, compassionate alternative for dealing with children’s misbehavior without causing a scene. They show us how we can reach our children, redirect emotions, and turn a meltdown into an opportunity for growth. They highlight the link between a child’s neurological development to how we parents react to the misbehavior. We will dive deeper into this topic throughout this next year taking No-Drama Discipline one step at a time. Click below to get a snapshot of how we can begin this journey of teaching our children.

Lisa Frye

Site Director

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