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Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

Brrrrrr…. It is that time of year again where the cold temperatures have begun to approach us. I will take time this month to begin exploring science through discussion about the Winter season. We will be discussing cold temperatures and the wind, snow, and ice that it brings. We will be exploring with temperatures through lots of sensory play and wintery activities. We will also discuss health and safety by discussing and identifying proper attire for the outside weather. The children will be introduced to learning how to use zippers and buttons while practicing putting on their own jackets, hats, gloves, or mittens.

During the Winter we will still be going outdoors if the weather temperatures are permitting. Please be sure that your child has the proper attire for them to enjoy the time we do have outside.

I hope everyone is ready for whatever this season is going to bring us. Have a safe, happy, and warm month of December!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Tina

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