Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

Hello from T2! It seems we have skipped the fall weather and gone straight to winter.

This month we have been working with the children on their self-help skills. All of our children do many tasks for themselves such as scooping their own food, washing their hands at the appropriate times, and trying to put their own clothes, shoes, and jackets on. It’s amazing to see them grow constantly.

Halloween was so much fun. We loved seeing all the children dressed up. We love holidays because they bring us all together and bring so much joy.

This next month we will be exploring transportation. All the children have shown interest in cars, trucks, buses, and construction vehicles. So, we are going to dig a little deeper and learn more about them. Then we are going to learn about Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget we are always welcoming to anyone who wants to volunteer in any way. Thank you all for your involvement in our classroom.

Ms. Jessica

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