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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 classroom!

This has been a great month of growth in our class. We have been working on our social and personal skills and how to develop strategies to regulate emotions and behaviors.

One important strategy we are using is being able to talk about our emotions and offering words. We teachers are providing words for what the children are feeling. When children know how to communicate their feelings, it is an important step in regulating emotions and behaviors.

As we go into the next month, we are switching gears and focusing on our fine motor development. One activity we’ve already done is tearing construction paper into pieces. This is a great activity to develop increased control by using various tools and objects. We will continue building this development with similar activities. Some examples include sensory play with rice, oats, and water; popping bubble wrap; turning pages in a book; and singing and doing finger plays.

We are looking forward to this coming month and all the development it has to offer. I also wanted to let you know that we will be having a Halloween party, so be looking for a sign up sheet outside our door to sign up to bring some yummy treats!

Ms. Emily

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