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Ms KK's Class - EPS 1

Greetings from EPS 1!

Time is going by so quickly, and I have to say the children are growing as fast as the seasons are changing! Soon fall will be upon us, and the crisp mornings will be a welcome feeling! The autumn colors are always pretty with swirling leaves, the thought of taking nature walks, and picking up acorns and pine cones. Looking around for signs of birds migrating to warmer temperatures will be something we are looking forward to. It's always a great time to see what the children find when we are out walking around on a scavenger hunt, especially in the fall! It's always a treat to observe what the children discover while we are searching the grounds and enjoying nature and the sound it brings!

On the playground, we love exercising gross motor skills by using the swings and balance beams and racing up and down the hill. We run around kicking and chasing balls, as well as playing frisbees and hula hoops, and we even have had a few bike races! You should stop by and see how the skills of our professional bike riders have improved! They are definitely masters at putting on helmets and whisking those little red bikes away! And if you listen closely, you may even hear the tires rolling over the logs into our bike garage. We love it!

In the classroom, some children are mastering the skill of gripping a pencil with a three point hold and writing some or most of their name. The writing table has been a favorite place lately, and you can find children there almost all parts of the day. The children may be writing or painting, but all are learning different things. During circle time, each child has mastered their birth month and is learning the four seasons and the Pledge of Allegiance. We started our study of back to school, and soon we will be going into our Fall study.

There is so much to learn in our fun class! As always, please feel free to stop in and say hello! We love visitors!

Ms. KK and EPS1

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