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Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

Happy September! We are (impatiently) waiting for Fall weather to be here. We are so ready to spend a lot more time outside.

Throughout the month we are going to learn about and encourage the children to work on their self-help skills. We often forget how much children are capable of doing on their own with a little guidance and encouragement. Working on self-help skills helps children to distinguish self from others and develop self-confidence. It might take a little longer for the children to do it on their own, but they are learning so much while doing so.

Ms. Amanda has joined our class as a supporting teacher, and we are so happy that she gets to be with us! We also have some new faces in our class, and the children are enjoying having new friends to play with.

We are so excited to see what we get to learn and explore this month!

Ms. Jessica, Ms. Heather, and Ms. Amanda

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