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Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello, Classroom 2 parents!

August has been another fun-filled month! We enjoyed using our creative skills to explore and experience our environment. We loved painting with a variety of materials and body parts, such as our hands, feet, feathers, and even ice cubes! We also loved listening and learning about all different kinds of music. We even got the opportunity to make our own music using noise makers and pots and pans!

For the month of September, we will be focusing on social and personal skills. Social and emotional development is the key to unlocking the door to learning. Social development refers to a child’s ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships with adults and other children. Emotional development refers to a child’s ability to express, recognize, and manage their own emotions as well as respond appropriately to other’s emotions. When parents and teachers develop positive, nurturing relationships with young children, the child feels more secure in the environment and more likely to feel comfortable learning and growing. Caring parents and teachers make a positive, long lasting impression on a child and how he/she feels about him/herself. Such relationships are likely to lead to a more emotionally secure and independent child. Social development serves as the foundation for relationships, giving meaning to children’s experiences at home, school, and in the community. Children will develop social skills and a sense of security through relationships with others who consistently meet their needs. Children will strengthen relationships with adults and begin to develop an interest in other children. As they continue to develop social interaction skills, they begin to show independence while maintaining strong attachments with caregivers. Examples of this would be children engaging in social games through playful back and forth interactions, expressing themselves verbally and non-verbally with gestures, recognizing a familiar person or someone in a photograph, engaging in parallel play by playing alongside another child, and imitating actions or using similar materials. We can’t wait to see what September has in store for us! Thank you, Mashaya Wagy Master Teacher DCDC- Downtown

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