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Ms Amanda's Class - Infants 2


July was such a fun month for us in Infant 2! We enjoyed as much time as we could outside and had a blast playing in the water table. We all enjoy water play so much! Another fun activity outside is getting to see things like frogs and birds. It is so neat to see the innocent eyes of your babies as they explore new things for the first time. Watching frogs hop around the playground and watching birds fly over us is an added experience that can’t be found in a classroom, plus it opens up a whole new vocabulary for them, too.

In the month of August, we will continue to play in the water and enjoy our outdoor play as much as possible. We will also continue to work on meeting our developmental milestones. One thing we would love to add is a family portrait wall. If you could please bring us some pictures of your family, we would really appreciate it. We will have them laminated and post them where your babies can see them.

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to care for your sweet babies!

Ms. Amanda

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