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Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

For the month of July, we worked on more physical development with the children and also more on communication. The infants have come a long way in their learning!

For the month of August, we will focus on the ELG of Social and Personal Skills. We will focus on Standard 1: Continue to develop social interaction skills and begin to show independence while maintaining strong attachments with caregivers. With this objective we will focus on engaging in parallel play with the other children in the classroom and children that are not in our classroom. We will ask the new children’s parents to bring family photos so that they can be displayed around the classroom. We will work more on sign language and verbal words with the children so that they can communicate to their peers and also with their caregivers. We will be playing more outside in the morning so that the children are able to explore different terrains and also are able to do different ways of parallel play with their peers. The children will also engage in solitary play as well, which means sometimes the children will play by themselves instead of playing with their peers.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Gabi

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