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Ms Michelle's Class - Infants 1

Wow!! What a month full of milestones and gross motor development! A few of our friends have started crawling, eating baby food, and sitting up! With a lot of unobstructed floor play, our infants are able to move and explore their world, thus enabling muscle groups to strengthen.

Some of our little friends are experiencing "stranger anxiety". This is a normal part of development and is often scary for our infants. This month we are going to work on introducing new people into our classroom. When an unfamiliar person comes in, we will show the child that we are not scared of new people. We will greet them warmly with positive body language -- smiles, relaxed posture, eye contact, and a happy voice. Click Here for very helpful article on stranger anxiety.

Summer is gearing up and with that brings hot weather! In June we will be doing water play outside. We will need water play clothing, and we prefer to have a sun hat for infants so that sunscreen isn’t put in their hair.

Ms. Michelle

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