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Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

Hello from Toddler 2!

I am Ms. Riley, and I am very excited to be subbing for Ms. Jessica and getting to know T2 even more while she is taking care of her new baby girl. In the month of May, we have been learning a lot about the weather, especially with all the crazy weather we have been having. They all love to watch the rain and lightning and hear the thunder! It just surprises them every time. I love answering all of their questions that they have. At circle time, we always sing the weather song, and then we talk about if it’s rainy, sunny, cloudy, windy, hot, or cold! We really love playing in the mud after it rains.

Some things we are going to be working on in the month of June are really listening to our friends' words, sharing, using eye contact, and having soft hands. Some things we will be doing to help with all of this are “I Love You Rituals.” I Love You Rituals help increase dopamine, encourage conscious touching, create strong bonds, and create loving rituals. An example of an I Love You Ritual is the song, “Round and round the garden goes the teddy bear. One step, two step, tickle under there!” This really helps to calm them when they are upset and having trouble self-regulating.

All in all, I am really looking forward to spending more time with your kiddos, getting to know them more, and just having fun with them. They are such a fun bunch, and they make every day exciting!

Ms. Riley

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