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Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents!

In Early Preschool we are transitioning from Mathematics to open ended language and literacy practices. To have a precise idea on practices the children will be learning and exploring, we will look at the Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines and focusing on a select few.

The Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines we will be looking at are in Literacy and Oral Language:

Standard One - Listening – The child will listen for information and for pleasure.

Standard Two- Speaking – The child will express ideas or opinions in group or individual settings.

We will have activities planned out for each child to have their own take-away from the days we spend on these ELG's. The children will be able to practice storytelling, open-ended story baskets, and building their own stories using tools available in the room. As we work on literacy, there will also be writing, reading, and some practice with our letters involved as well.

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