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Ms Michelle's Class - Infants 1

Hello Parents!!

What a great March we had!! The weather was amazing, allowing us to spend some much-needed outdoor time. Some big changes came our way fairly quickly. The addition to our building was completed, and we moved in to our new room! We have a lot more space for our mobile children to practice their gross motor skills—crawling, pulling up, and walking.

Even with added space, we do not have the need or use for stationary devices such as rock-n-plays, bouncers, saucers, and swings. These devices hinder the natural development process and can cause ‘container syndrome’ resulting in Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, and other motor functionality delays. Click Here to read about these developmental hindrances.

The month of May is sure to bring new and exciting adventures and growth!! Mother’s Day is coming up, and we will be having an event called “Tea and Tulips” to celebrate all of our wonderful mothers. Please join us as it will be a great time and fun bonding experience.

Ms. Michelle

Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Hayden

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