Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

April 2, 2019

Hello from Classroom 3!


The past few weeks we have talked about dinosaurs. The children were encouraged to stomp around and RAWR.  One child was so excited about the dinosaurs that were put out that he grabbed one and ran over to show me and said “This is a velociraptor!“ We sang and danced to the song ‘5 Huge Dinosaurs’. 


 After dinosaurs, we transitioned into talking about things that go. In our sensory table we have had a car wash, mud trucks, and snow roads. We also built roads and ramps with blocks inside the class and outside on the playground. 


This next month we are going to dive into talking about the ocean, and we will explore insects and other animals. We will also be taking some of our inside activities outside. Our playground is coming together, and the children are excited and curious. We are encouraging their curiosity and praising their accomplishments as they are getting more brave. It has been a joy to watch them explore and grow every day!


Mollie Sanders

Master Teacher





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