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Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents and Friends,

This is a very special time in our calendar year. Week of the Young Child is approaching us, and we hope to see you in our classrooms to participate. Week of the Young Child allows Early Childhood Educators an opportunity to showcase the features of our learning adventures and celebrate the wonders of young minds. Working in Early Childhood propels teachers to understand how the brain works, why it works that way and how these patterns manifest in the lives of people down the road. It is an absolute pleasure teaching and guiding your children to discovering their own interests and skills.

One of the biggest mysteries of young minds is the spark of inquiry and discovery play. Our teachers implement the lesson plans using research-based methods, but the fantastic part of children includes the impromptu learning moments! Teachers are trained to let the children’s interest guide their weeks. If they are asking questions about frogs or salty tastes, the teachers creatively bring in those elements weekly. The lesson plans build on the classrooms strengths while also challenging the children to stretch their imagination. Early Childhood is wonderful! This is the time when children begin dreaming, making friends, and blossoming into their unique selves.

We hope you join us April 8-12, even just for a while, to dive into the fun and festivities of the Week of the Young Child.


Our center is proposing beginning the Circle of Security program for parents. CLICK HERE to read more about the program.

Circle of Security allows parents and caregivers the chance to study attachment, trust, and relationship building with our children and loved ones. This training would be offered on-site for parents. Members participating would be asked to commit to all six sessions. If you are interested, please send an email to

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

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