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Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from Classroom 2! February went by in a blink of an eye! We spent the first two weeks of the month learning about love. We talked about what it means to love someone, who we love, and how we show love for someone. We painted with heart shaped cookie cutters and even got to make our families a loving Valentine’s Day craft. For the remainder of the month, we spent time learning about our feelings. We talked about the different feelings we have and may feel and how we show our feelings and recognize our feelings. Then we did some fun activities that represented our feelings, such as reading the book My Many Color Days by Dr. Seuss and painting with different colors to represent a different feeling. Children who can recognize their feelings are more likely to develop a sense of self and be confident, curious learners. For the month of March, we are looking forward to spending much more time outdoors! One of our favorite activities that we are looking forward to is Bubble fun! We bring bubbles, a bubble machine, and bubbles wands outside and encourage the children to catch, pop, and even blow bubbles themselves! Kids are naturally drawn to playing outside. There are many benefits of outdoor play - it allows children to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. Mashaya Wagy Master Teacher Classroom Two DCDC-Downtown

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