Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

March 13, 2019

Now that February is over, Spring is right around the corner! We are excited for nicer weather to be here.


In February, our class was given a wonderful addition to our classroom and team - Ms. Danny. Ms. Danny is our new Assistant Teacher in Classroom 1. The children seem to really have taken wonderfully to her, and she is going to be a great help to me. She has new, creative ideas that we will be able to implement through our lesson plans.


Our class is all so very excited for the weather to start changing so that we will be able to enjoy more outdoor activities. We are looking forward to being able to eat lunches and snacks outside, along with several other outdoor activities like taking magnifying glasses outside to really explore nature, as well as several art activities. 


And as always, we encourage parent and family members to stop by and read with us, enjoy a lunch with us, or participate in any other activity.


Thank you,

Ms. Jen


Master Teacher

Delaware CDC Downtown




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