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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

We hope our families in T1 had a wonderful January!

We had a lot of fun playing in our sensory table as we used cotton balls to simulate snow. We also had fun reading our winter books such as If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and Let it Snow. The children think it is hilarious when the mouse wants to watch a movie; some even say, “Mice don’t watch movies!”

Our February will be just as fun. We will continue to educate the children on the changing weather and how it is winter. Additionally, since it is getting close to Valentine’s Day, I want to focus on our relationships with each other and expressing our feelings. We have several great books such as The Feelings Book and How Do I Love You that I know the children will enjoy reading.

At the end of the month, we will start talking about our dental hygiene since February is the National Children's Dental Health Month. The children brush their teeth every day here at school, and I want to impress that dental health is very important.

We hope everyone has a wonderful February, and we will see you next month!

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Riley

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