Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

February 4, 2019

Hello from the infant room!!  


January has started our year off with so many great memories and a bitter cold weather forecast. This month we saw snow for the first time, we painted with marbles, and we worked hard on gross motor, fine motor, and language skills. A few great ways we reinforce language skills is to talk with the infants about what we are were doing, ask questions, read many books, and sing songs throughout the day.


Since we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the month of February, we will be focusing on loving and caring for each other in a positive manner. Things like using soft touches, saying kind words, and focusing on our strengths will be a main focus. Reinforcing these traits as infants creates the neural pathways in the brain for a positive outlook that will carry through on to adulthood.


As a reminder, we will be having a Valentine’s Day party on February 14th!! Be on the lookout for our sign-up sheet.


With love,

Ms. Michelle, Ms. Hayden, and Ms. Jenny





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