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Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, Parents!

In January, we had fun making snow and learning about and moving our bodies like penguins. Penguins' favorite food is fish, and they have three colors on their body: orange, white, and black. We used our math skills to create our shape penguins. Then we explored sensory by creating snow. The children used their scientific inquiry skills when we combined the cornstarch and conditioner which made their hands cold. The children also helped create a snow slide for the penguin figurines to slide on their bellies.

During the month of February, our theme will be Handfuls of Love. The children will travel around the center helping other teachers and friends in their classes, using their helping hands. We will teach the class a song during their circle time, help clean up toys, or maybe just give friendly hugs for that day. At the end of our visit the class will receive a red heart along with the words "I love you".

We will continue working in small group, which helps me to gain knowledge on where we need to help and guide your children in their learning process. Small group also shows me what we need to add and take away on my lesson plans to help your children grow. We have learned so much about them in small group, and it amazes me the growth that they already have.

Ms. Teresa and Ms. Allison

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