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Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

It is amazing how fast 2018 came and went, and here in the preschool class, we are ready to get this year started with a new investigation! In December, we finished our investigation on pets and ended with some discussions about the holidays. We had an amazing time at our Christmas party and seeing Santa! We had a blast making chocolate chip cookies for Santa. The children measured out the ingredients and took turns adding everything the recipe needed. They were so excited to give them to him! We even baked enough that we were able to taste them for ourselves!

The preschool class has been spending so much time outside since the weather has been so nice for it being winter! We have been working on balancing, large motor skills, and finding new ways to play and explore the playground. The children have recently begun to try to do front flips and rolls inside the classroom, so with the class space being limited, we decided we would find an area safe for these types of movements. What better place than outside on the grass! The children found that doing flips on the balance beams was not only easier but way more fun and safer. They have also enjoyed playing catch with their friends. After a few days of playing just catch, the children began to step it up a bit with having one person stand on one side of the small house on the playground while the other child stood on the other side. Each child would toss his or her ball on the roof, hoping to make it to the other side, and the excitement on their faces as each ball came over the roof was a joy to watch.

This month we are starting a new investigation about boxes. Any boxes that you have around the house that we can use during this investigation we would love to have. Our goal is to make a quiet space for the children to use when they are in need of time and space alone where they can release and reflect on their emotions. At this age, children feel a wide variety of emotions, and we are trying to make sense of why we feel this way and why different emotions are causing us to have different reactions to our friends and life situations.

Remember, parents, you’re always welcome to stop by, eat some lunch, read some stories, or just come for play anytime. I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in class!

Ms Nicole

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