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Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

Hello and happy holidays from the infant room!

December was a very fun month for the infants! We worked on our fine motor skills along with our gross motor skills. The babies are really doing great at these skills.

We had a great turn out for our wonderful event "Cuddles and Cocoa".

For the month of January, we will be working on our vocabulary and learning new words and some new sign language. Gabi and I are very excited to be starting on this new skill with the infants, all while we will still be mastering our fine motor skills and our gross motor skills. Thank you for letting Gabi and I teach your children these wonderful skills to help them grow and develop into wonderful young children.

Benefits of vocabulary:

• Helps children learn to communicate.

• Expands the children’s word bank.

• Age 18 months to 36 months, children’s vocabulary expands very quickly.

• Helps infants understand the world.


Ms Ashley and Ms Gabi

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