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Family Child Care Home - Owasso

We have had so much fun in the month of December! We kicked off the month doing many activities that promoted gross motor skills in order to get us ready for our field trip. It worked tremendously because the kids were able to get around and do the activities they wanted to do that ranged from climbing, running, pushing, or jumping.

Our first Cuddles & Cocoa was also a success! The children enjoyed all the activities that we had planned out, such as the sensory table and box clubhouse. They also enjoyed the special snacks! We want to say thank you to the parents that were able to come; we appreciated all the help.

Next month, we will continue to do more sensory based projects since there will be days that we are not able to go outside because of the weather. We do encourage that parents continue to bring warm clothes and jackets because we will go outside to do our outdoor play if the weather is appropriate. We would also like to encourage parents to come in to read to the children, but please let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange that into our lesson plan.

Thank you,

Ms Elizabeth and Ms Tippy

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