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Letter from the Director!

Dear Families,

Did you know that literacy begins with language, and language begins with you?! Our teachers promote the development of literacy (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in an on-going, natural method in our centers. It all begins with language between child and adult. We are constantly communicating with our children to model vocabulary, help them learn how to express their feelings, and of course, use language to make friends.

We want to encourage all families to ramp up their communication and language modeling for their children. Even our infants can benefit from hearing the voices of those who love and care about them. And children are communicating back to us; it may not yet be verbal, but children make gestures and have body language just like we do. This month, with all the holiday cheer, don’t forget to talk with your children about the moments as well. Ask them what they think about the scenes; ask for their opinion. A few more minutes of positive language support can give a child endless links to their future with literacy.

As we wind down the year, I want to be the first to invite you to our family holiday event. Cuddles and Cocoa features family games, warm cocoa, and memories. At this event, families are invited to stay and play at our center. We want to offer opportunities to connect with families and help children feel the support of us all. There is no cost for families to attend this event, but we do ask for RSVP's to help us plan. We will host a variety of developmentally appropriate games and activities. We hope to see you there!

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

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