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Family Child Care Home - Owasso

Hello, everyone!

November has been a very sensory-based month. We were able to explore pumpkins, not only from its outer shell, but also from what is on the inside.

We had a special guest this month come by to do our dental screenings and bring us goodies! Brushing our teeth twice a day has definitely paid off as we had good reports!

In the month of December, we will be working a lot more with gross motor skills to help us get ready for our field trip! We will continue to read books that focus on rhyming as well as our nursery songs. These things are important for language acquisition and speech development, and they help children develop auditory skills such as discriminating between sounds. We have also begun singing Christmas songs as the holidays are coming up soon!

Please keep an eye out on our parent board to be informed of our center closings and any other events.

Thank you,

Ms Elizabeth

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