Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

September was full of fun in T1 this year!

We have been learning about transportation and all the different vehicles. We have a book called My First Things That Go, which has almost every vehicle possible from Trains to Airplanes to Emergency Vehicles. It always has the children’s attention, and they love to read it. Our favorite vehicles right now are School Buses, Firetrucks, and Dump Trucks. We are lucky to be able to see all of these vehicles pass by our classroom, and the kids get so excited!

Because of the road work on Tuxedo, we got to watch lots of construction vehicles near our playground. We’ve seen so many dump trucks and concrete trucks! It has been great watching everyone get so excited over roadwork! We also have construction starting on our new expansion, so we can watch those construction vehicles on the other side of the playground, too!

“Wheels on the Bus” has been a popular song to play in the classroom. We have to sing it at circle time as well as during lunch and in the afternoon when we do music time.

We would love to have family come and join us to sing along!

Love Ms Amanda, Ms Emily, and Ms Jade

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