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Ms Ashley & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the Claremore infant room!

The end of summer is upon us, YAY!, as it has been very hot in this neck of the woods. We have enjoyed our outside time exploring the big kid playground, and a few of the older children will have the opportunity to experience it a lot more in the near future.

With the end of summer comes a change in the classroom dynamics. We will be saying goodbye to our one year olds and sending them off to explore with new friends in the toddler classrooms. With the new room assignments, there will probably be some anxiety over the change. However, rest assured that we have confidence in your child’s ability to navigate the new surroundings and experiences.

Please feel free to call, message, or stop by and discuss your child’s progress and also to peek in on how they are handling their new classrooms.

Even though summer will be drawing to a close soon, be sure and apply sunscreen before coming to school, and we will reapply again in the afternoon. Also, check out our bulletin board outside the classroom. There are many activities involving outside play and gross motor exploration.

As always, join us for exciting adventures in the baby room!

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