Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Summer greetings from the Claremore infant room!

We have been experiencing much hotter weather these past few weeks and have spent more days inside exploring and playing rather than outside. We are going to begin going out earlier in the morning, before it gets too warm, so be sure to join us!

We still use our personal playground due to a couple of our friends being much younger, but we enjoy exploring the toddler playground as well.

We enjoyed some fun activities for Father’s Day, including our Father’s Day bar-b-que, and we hope all of our friends and families enjoyed them as well.

Due to the hot sunny weather, be sure and apply sunscreen before coming to school, and we will reapply again in the afternoon. Also, check out our new bulletin board outside the classroom. We have a lot of activities that involve getting up and out to explore and make fun family memories. We encourage as much gross motor exploration as possible throughout the day to ensure healthy habits as the children grow and learn.

Come join us for exciting adventures in the baby room!

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