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Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Welcome to the Early Preschool class, where you never realize how far your imagination can carry you!

We have been having so much fun with all the sunshine, flowers, and windy days! There is so much to learn and do, we barely have enough time to get things accomplished! One of the favorite things in our class is our Kite. Predictions have been made by these young learners about the way a kite is moving up into the sky. "It's going high without wings, but it has a tail!" "We can't reach it because we are too heavy, and we don't have tails!" So, when it looks like we are merely chasing a kite, we are learning that the way the kite is constructed with its lightweight material and with some wind, it can rise into the sky. What fun it is to see the children always learning!

Our field trip to the bakery was so much fun, we decided to take two field trips in June! That's right! We will be visiting Sunset Ranch in Ramona on Wednesday, June 6th. We will be enjoying the natural beauty and stream in the lightly wooded area and will take small hikes around the property. We will be discussing insects, different plants and trees, and observing how the stream can come up from the ground. We will be enjoying a picnic lunch and maybe even nap outdoors.

On Monday, June 11th, we will be traveling to the Bartlesville Public Library to interact with ventriloquist Jeff Cauthen. Mr. Cauthen will entertain the audience with his puppet and some magic. How exciting it will be to see the children when they are experiencing the social interaction with others as well as seeing a building with so many books on the shelves! This event is helping promote youth music education and is sponsored by OKM Music mission festival. Feel free to check out what the library has to offer for the week of June 9th-15th.

Our Mother’s Day Event was very successful this year! Each child presented their Mother with a gift for her to share at home. The idea behind the gift was to promote togetherness and learn about Mother Earth. This was something special for each family to observe and watch grow. We can't wait to hear about updates on this special project.

Speaking of Mother Earth, our garden is definitely showing signs of yummy vegetables! Each day the children observe and predict, as well as discuss, the different colors and smells. Their favorite is the strawberry plants! The children couldn't believe there were "real" strawberries on the vine. They are anxiously awaiting the day to pick and eat them. This not only helps promote healthy eating, it also will teach the children how to care and nurture our earth.

Remember that you are welcome to visit us anytime! Our stream is always cool, and there is plenty of space to play, so take off your shoes and enjoy with us!

Happy June!

Ms KK and the EPS class

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