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Ms Elizabeth's Class - Infants

We love FOOD!

Our babies are getting so big! Most of them are starting to transition into eating table food with the older toddlers. We encourage that infants over 8 months start being introduced to solid foods so that they learn to chew. And when they turn a year old, they’re ready to be eating table food. During this time, they are becoming very independent, so they don’t want any help. It’s almost like they’re saying “Hey, I’ve got it!” We definitely encourage them to feed themselves as it helps develop their fine motor skills.

We did have a lot of change recently with three of our friends moving up into toddler classes and gaining new friends into our classroom. Don’t be shy, say “hi” to our new parents and children.

With Father’s Day coming up, we would like to invite the dads to come into our classroom and read us a couple of books on Friday, June 15th, around 2:00 pm before our snack with dad.

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