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Benefits of Gardening

Spring is here, and with it comes the excitement to go outside and play in the dirt! Have you thought about planting a garden with the children in your care?

There are several benefits to gardening with young children:

  • First, it gets them unplugged and outside. Research shows us that just being outside will help with focus and memory and reduces stress and behavioral problems.

  • Second, gardening also teaches children to eat healthier. Children are engaged in the process of growing and eating the fruits of their labor. The healthy habits that begin with childhood will most likely stick with them into adulthood. Gardening teaches children how to eat and stay healthy.

  • Third, gardening is a great physical activity. Children are using their gross motor skills when using a shovel to dig up the ground or by using a water hose to water the vegetables.

  • Finally, gardening also boosts the child’s confidence as they need patience to plant, water, and wait for the seeds to bloom and produce vegetables or fruits.

For information on how to build yourself a raised flowerbed, Click Here. This would make a great family event where families would come in and help build the raised bed.

Flavin, B. (2016, April 11). Gardening for 7 Reasons Planting Seeds Enriches Their Lives. Retrieved March 26, 201, from

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