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Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

February was so much fun! Thank you to our preschool families for helping us to celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day! They had so much fun making their own fruit dip with Miss Bethany and getting to share it with their families at the party.

The kids are always so excited when parents come in and participate in our activities!! Remember, our door is always open for parents to come in and read to the class or participate in any of our activities, and a special thank you to Aanya’s, Annie’s, and Ethan’s families for contributing to our journey through Asia! We have begun our travels through the seven continents and making discoveries about other cultures around the world. We started in Asia, and soon we will travel through Africa; then on to Europe! Look for the changes in dramatic play as we use our imaginations and make new discoveries about new places!

Also in March we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt, and parents, of course, are welcome to come and enjoy the fun! Also, on St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget to wear green!

March is going to be a great month that hopefully brings warmer days and lots of wonderful new experiences!

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