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Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from Early Preschool!

Love is definitely in the air this month, and we are buzzing around discussing hearts and planning a party! First things first though, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Punxsutawney Phil! Will we endure more winter weather, or will Spring come early? Only the “Shadow” knows! So, hold on because February 2nd is quickly approaching.

February is also Dental Health month. On Monday, February 5th, at 9:30, Ashley Reed will be visiting our center and will be discussing and demonstrating good dental hygiene. Ashley will be passing out dental hygiene goody bags to each child. Please feel free to join us!

We are very excited about our Valentine’s Day Party on February 14th at 2:45 pm. This month the children will be learning that everyone has a heart muscle, and it’s very important to keep our hearts healthy. We will also be exchanging Valentines this year and making Valentine card holders for our Valentine cards. There are 8 children in our class and 2 teachers. I will be posting a sign-up sheet for party treats, if you would like to send something.

During the month of January, we made Snow in class with shaving cream and baking soda. We had no idea we would get to experience playing with real snow on our playground during school. Not only did the children interact with each other in the classroom by watching their Snow project come together, they interacted on the playground by feeling and stomping in the cold, wet white stuff! They loved it!

I will be posting updates about any changes or upcoming events for our class through Kid Reports, but as always, please feel free to call, drop in on us, or send an e-mail.

Thank you! Ms KK

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