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Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

The EPS class has been busy making crafts for December using loose parts to expand their creativity. Our favorite project is our Christmas tree made from sticks! The children helped choose the branches—biggest to smallest—and chose the decorations that would be used. Everyone took turns stating their opinion about what should go where. This doubled as a learning experience using Math, Senses, Language, Cognitive, Science, Gross, and Fine Motor skills. We are proud of our accomplishment!

We also enjoyed practicing our songs for our Christmas program. It was held on Thursday, December 21st. The children sang Jingle Bells and Chubby Little Snowman. Everyone was excited to see their family members there. Of course, it wouldn't have been complete without refreshments and a visit from the big man in red! That's right! Santa visited and handed out gifts after the program was completed. What a fun time we had!

With Winter upon us, the students will be learning about why we should dress warmly and why the trees and grass look different. We are hoping for Snow so we can enjoy it while it lasts. Not to worry though, in case Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, we will be making fake Snow to use as a Science experiment. Students will be busy measuring, pouring and mixing. Everything we do doubles as a learning process.

Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather and make sure there is an extra change of clothing in their cubby. After all, messy play is our specialty!

Feel free to join us any time in our classroom. We love visitors. Thank you!

Ms. KK

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