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Ms Amanda & Ms Teresa's Class - Toddler A

Happy New Year!!

We hope everyone’s holiday break was filled with special moments and memories! As we continue into 2018, the TA classroom is geared up and ready to learn. To go along with our Winter theme that we are incorporating into our curriculum, we will be learning about snow and snow animals, such as Penguins, Polar Bears, and Snow Leopards. We will be turning our home living into “Cozy Home”. We will have a fireplace (fake) and blankets, etc., creating a cozy feeling for the winter weather.

We are still currently working on the potty training in our classroom and would love to hear from you if there is anything special or any tricks that have worked for you and your child. If you feel your child is ready for underwear, please feel free to send your child in underwear along with extra clothing as they will have accidents. I can put a diaper or pull up over the underwear so that they do not have so many accidents on their clothing, if you would like me to do so. Thank you for allowing us to aide in the growth of your child, and I truly look forward to watching them grow this year!

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