Bright Beginnings January Newsletter!

December 27, 2017

Dear Friends,

We are beginning our new year with some great inaugural traditions! In support of celebrating the Good Times, we will also begin celebrating children each month. As parents have observed, we have a birthday board in our hallway. Each child’s special day is featured on the board. One day per month (the first Tuesday), we will celebrate our children for that month. 


On our celebration day, we will celebrate our birthdays in diverse ways to learn about different cultures as we share time together. All children who have a birthday in that month will join the leadership in the Family Area to celebrate. Our first celebration will be January 2. We will participate in the Chinese tradition of eating loooooong noodles to have wishes for loooooong happy lives.


Also coming up in January, families are invited to make a wish for your child’s upcoming school year. Each class has a color of ribbon we will use to write down the wishes. Each parent takes a ribbon and writes down an educational or developmental wish for their child for 2018. We will hang our wishes from the ceiling in hopes of working together to accomplish this year's goals. You can obtain a ribbon for your child from the Family Area. Please place your child’s ribbon in the basket when you are done. We will work on these new year wishes for the first two weeks of the month.





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