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Ms Amanda & Ms Teresa's Class - Toddler A

For the month of December we are going to be discussing shapes. We will be incorporating everyday items and places to discuss the different shapes.

We are currently transforming our home living area into a pizza place. We will be using our imaginations to order and make our own pizzas, while discussing the shapes we find on pizzas. Thank you for making our Little Sprouts grocery store this month such a success. All your contributions really made our store turn out great! I really hope you enjoyed the pictures.

We are still currently working on our potty training with the children, having them sit on the toilet during diaper changes even when wet already. All your hard work and cooperation at home is appreciated very much. If you would like to send your child some underwear/panties, please make sure to also send extra pants (3-4) as well, seeing as they will have accidents. Please remember to check your KidsReports daily as I will be updating you on their need for clothing as accidents happen daily.

Thank you for all of your continued support and cooperation in aiding in your child’s growth and development. I really enjoy and look forward in continuing this journey with you and your child.

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