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Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

For the month of December, the EPS class will be continuing to learn the importance of growing their own food and learning how to recognize when it's ready to be picked from the garden. These young children will gain some environmental knowledge that they can use throughout their lives. This is a huge part of our routine and learning skills. They learn not only about living things, but also about things that may or may not be safe to eat. All children participate in checking for growth, weeding, and picking vegetables. We also use language they may not hear on a daily basis, such as stem, bud, and soil.

The children have also been learning how to make sugar free desserts and have mastered taking turns to add ingredients, breaking eggs for batter, measuring liquid, and mixing it by hand in a large bowl. Their favorite thing to make is Applesauce. They make it after breakfast and let it cook until snack time, and then it's ready to enjoy! If you are interested in the recipe, please let me know.

We have been taking a lot of walks during the cool fall days, collecting items from nature to use in our classroom. We bring in pine cones, leaves, wood chunks, and many other items to incorporate into our centers. The children enjoy finding different shapes, sizes, and colors of loose parts to bring inside. It's a great way to broaden their learning.

We are looking forward to our Christmas Program on Thursday, December 21st at 6:30. If you hear your child singing Christmas songs, remember we are busy practicing every day! We are excited to see you there!

Happy Holidays! --Ms. KK

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