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Ms Elizabeth’s Class—Infants

The month of November has been very fun! We have had the chance to play with our new sensory bucket. We filled it with water and put some sponges for the children to explore with. We are still incorporating into our lesson plans more sensory projects that will allow us to use our fine motor skills. We do encourage parents to continue to work with infants at home to use utensils when eating at the dinner table and to color at home using crayons.

The weather this month hasn’t been as cold as we had expected, so we have had the chance to go outside plenty of times. We even had a chance to take a nap out on our playground!! We do want to remind parents to continue to bring warm clothes, jackets, and shoes as we will continue to go outside even if it is for a small amount of time.

Christmas is right around the corner!! We have begun to sing Christmas songs, and Christmas decorations will be put up soon. This month we will explore with the color red, and we will be introducing the color green.

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