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Philosophy & Curriculum
What is your outdoor philosophy? 

There are great benefits of children going outside even when it’s cold. Children of all ages need fresh air and exercise.


Going outside each day actually helps keep children healthy. One reason is it reduces the risk of catching colds or other illnesses because infectious organisms are less concentrated outdoors so children are less likely to ingest other children’s germs.


Sunlight exposure to the skin helps provide a child’s body with much needed vitamin D which assists in the growth of strong bones.


When children are allowed to go outside it instills in them the importance of physical activity and exercise to stay healthy.


Time spent outside affords children an opportunity to break free from the structure of the indoor classroom especially for those children who are very active and love the outdoors.

Infants can also participate in outside activities as well, however, it is sometimes difficult to judge when weather conditions are safe in extreme conditions. So their outside time may be limited more than the older children.

What is your weather policy? How do you decide when it is safe to take very young children outside in extreme temperatures? 

When temperatures are at or below 32º F, including wind chill factor, outdoor time should be limited to no longer than 15 minute intervals. Take precautions to make sure that infants and all children stay warm and dry.

Coats should be worn if temperatures are below 55º F.

When temperatures are at or above 100 ºF, including heat index, infants should not go outside.


When temperatures are between 95-100º F, outdoor time should be limited to 15 minute intervals. Take precautions to make sure that infants and all children stay in shaded areas and are protected with sunscreen and drink plenty of water.


The term “weather permitting” means almost every day, unless there is a weather advisory or public announcement related to extreme cold or heat that may cause health problems. “There is no bad weather; only bad clothes.” Therefore, children should be dressed properly and taken out on most days. This might require that the schedule be changed to allow children outdoor play in the early morning when it will be very hot later in the day. Or it might require that the children have boots or a change of clothes when the grass is wet or that activities are on the patio.

It looks like my child is just playing all day?

Children learn through play. When you see children playing they are learning needed skills. For example, when children are in the dramatic play center playing house they are building their social emotional skills and when children are outdoor they are increasing their gross motor skills by practicing running, jumping, climbing and other skills. For more information see the article “The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Development” in our articles section of the resources.

What curriculum do you use?

We use teaching strategies GOLD for our curriculum and classrooms assessments. GOLD is an online program we use to help guide our lesson plans and individualizations using 38 objectives within the following domains: social emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, and mathematics.

As a parent, can I spend time in the classroom?

Absolutely. We encourage family members to spend time in their child’s classroom. Parents can stay and eat, play or read. Delaware Child Development adheres to a philolphy that parents are a child’s most important teacher, thus, parents are always welcome in the classroom.

How can I get a tour of one of the Delaware Child Development centers?

If you just stop by one of our sites you will likely be able to receive a tour. If possible, we would prefer you call the center in advance and set up a time. That way, the tour can be tailored more to your needs and interests.


Enrollment & Services
How do I enroll my child in your program? 

To enroll your child in our program, you have to fill out an application and provide us with some paperwork such as birth certificate, shot records, and proof of address, among other things. You can pick up an application at our centers and our Administrative Office. If you need assistance, please call our office to make an appointment to visit with someone. 

How do you qualify to get your child into a Delaware Child Development Child Care Assistance Program? 

Visit our Child Care Assistance page to learn more about the program. Your eligibility is determined by your income, family size, and the number of children in child care. If approved, you will receive a Notice of Action letter. The letter will provide you with information about the number of hours your child can attend and the amount of your family co-payment. 

Do you cook your own meals on site?

Yes, each of our centers has its own kitchen on-site with kitchen staff who prepare a healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch, and snack daily for children and staff.

Employment & Careers
How do I apply for a job with you? 

Apply online by visiting our Careers page.

What job openings do you have? 

You can see the jobs we have open by visiting our Careers page. Positions are open unless they have been indicated filled.

Do your employees get benefits?

Yes, Delaware Child Development provides full time employees with health, dental, and life insurance. Vision insurance can be purchased by employees. DCD provides 12 days of annual leave per year, six days of sick leave per year, and eight paid holidays. DCD matches retirement plans at 5% after the first year. Employees are 50% vested after the first year of contributions and 100% vested after two years of contributions.

What are the requirements to work with Delaware Child Development?

We have many different job opportunities with a variety of requirements from having a CDA to a Masters degree. You can learn more about the requirements of each position on the Careers page.

How can I volunteer with Delaware Child Development? 

Delaware Child Development loves volunteers. If you are looking for something every once in a while or something on a more regular basis we would love to get you involved. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our centers, please contact us.

Could I use one of your rooms for a meeting? 

Currently, Delaware Child Development allows the usage of our facilities. Contact us to learn more and sign up. 

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