Ms Courtney & Ms Erika's Class - Preschool

Hello from the Under the Sea! Over the last month our classroom has been studying sea creatures. We have discussed what types of food they eat and different parts of their anatomy, and we have read many books about sea creatures as well. The class has worked on coordination by moving through sea creature “Simon Says.” Then, they further developed cognitive skills by acting out sea creatures and having their friends guess what creatures they were. One of their favorite parts of this month was creating sea foam to play in both inside and outside. I have included the sea foam recipe if you would like to make it at home. With more children rejoining our class, we will go back to the basics of th

Ms Bailee, Ms Becca, & Ms Lydia's Class - Todder 1

Hello, Parents! We are having so much fun learning about all the places we can visit! We learned about the other planets out in space. (Did you know Uranus is the only planet that lives on its side?) We also now know about the camels that live in the desert and that sand is HOT! While talking about the temperature of the sand, we felt it was appropriate to teach the children the sign for “Hot”, as we continue to increase the children’s sign language vocabulary. Coming up, we will be learning about the Fall season, and working on our fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the tiny muscles in our hands that help us to lace beads, write, and more. We have recently noticed all the children wan

Ms Gabi & Ms Rebecca's Class - Infants 1

Where did the summer go? Here at Ivy Academy, we’ve had the best summer so far and are sad to see it go. In August, we observed many areas of living things! We learned about an array of things stemming from farm animals, ocean life, and all the way to dinosaurs. Also in August, we jumped into each of the children’s temperaments and how it affected each child in their own way. It's been quite interesting to see what temperament they had fallen into. It certainly sheds some light on how we can manage and avoid things that trigger each child. The month of September is going to be very exciting in the infant class! We will be diving into transportation. Also this month, we are opening up the boo

The Director's Cut!

Hey, Ivy Academy Families! Tennis anyone!?? As we’ve discussed over the past few months, serve & return is an impactful and important process for parent and child or teacher and child to engage in. Let’s go a bit deeper! The brain connections are the key for a strong foundation of development. We build these connections with everyday interactions, and these interactions are referred to as?? You guessed it! “Serve & Return”. This process refers to the back and forth exchanges, similar to a game of tennis or ping pong. It’s important to understand that one side cannot do all the work to be successful. The back and forth exchanges lead to success in developing brains; and without them, a child’

A Look Back on August

Hello, Providers! We have had a busy August. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we have finally been able to do some training and technical assistance. We are constantly checking COVID-19 active cases in each of our counties, making tough decisions on when it is safe to travel back into that county. Along with checking COVID-19 numbers, we are also putting other safety measures in place to keep the spread to a minimum. Some of these procedures are having less than 9 people in a training, wearing masks while attending training, checking temperatures, and washing hands before training starts. As more information comes from the CDC and state officials, we may have to change or require more

The Reading Corner

Infant/ Toddler: I Love You, Grandpa written by Jillian Harker and Illustrated by Daniel Howarth. Little Bear is getting older, and that means he is ready for new adventures. It's not easy trying new things, but Grandpa Bear is here to help. This heartwarming picture book will help show little ones that it's okay to be afraid and that sometimes, love is all you need to be brave. Join Little Bear and Grandpa Bear in the wonderful adventure in I Love You Grandpa. Preschool: Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa written by: Anna Dewdney It's an exciting day for Llama Llama; he's going to visit Gram and Grandpa Llama and spend the night! His first night away from home....and from Mama. But he makes sure

Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

Dear Families, As you know, we have been studying trees. Last week we talked about what things you might find under a tree. We also talked about how some trees are small and some are big and why are they like that. We have spent a lot of time outdoors with the trees and talking about them. What can you do at home? You can help your child explore and appreciate nature by learning about trees. Invite your child to talk about trees.Share stories about your favorite childhood memories involving trees and games that you might have played around them. Read Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. Go on a nature walk to see who can find the biggest tree. Wonder aloud with your child to encourage his or her thinking

Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Hello T2 Families, We have had a busy month in T2 as we engaged our senses by exploring our environments. We painted with regular paint, shaving cream paint, and even with ice, allowing us to express ourselves and feel different textures and temperatures. The weather has been hot, and often too hot to go outside in the afternoons to play; but with the beginning of September, we should be seeing the weather start to cool off, and we will be able to go outside in the afternoons, too. When the weather does turn cooler, we will need to go through their extra clothes and make sure they have clothes that are comfortable for both the hot and cooler days we get in the fall. The kids have been pointi

Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Hello, T1 Families! I can’t believe it’s already September! Last month in T1, we focused on ELG Standard 3 (The child will observe and investigate living things.). This month we will be focusing on ELG Expressive Language Standard 2 (The child will express needs, thoughts, and interests through gestures, sounds and words.). We will implement this by reading books over and over, singing songs, and reciting names. When we are speaking to the child in the classroom, we will be using expressive vocabulary and gestures that are developmentally appropriate for the child. In class we will be planning out many activities to encourage the children to begin expressing themselves by using their develop

Ms Josy's Class - Infants

Dear Infant Class Families, We are continuing our focus on strengthening our gross-motor development with lots of opportunities and activities to encourage the children to pull themselves up, scoot around on their tummy’s or hands and knees, and hold on while walking. Our new focus for this upcoming month is going to be transitioning. We are beginning a transition to welcome some new friends to our classroom as well as transitioning for ourselves. Some of us are transitioning to new foods and new milestones as we age in infancy. To help ease the pressures that new transitions can sometimes bring upon little humans, we are providing activities for the children to help them regulate their emot

Letter from the Director!

Kids need boundaries and limits to feel safe. Being calm and firm while enforcing boundaries is a skill set that must be built and exercised over time. Parental emotions can run high when children behave in an unsafe or undesirable manner. Here are a few tips to help you manage setting limits: Always stay one step ahead and have a plan. Make sure you are direct and clear with your expectations. Ensure your tone of voice is warm yet firm. Know that your child will not always comply, and that’s okay, they are learning. Make sure your expectations are appropriate for the child’s age and development. The key is to be consistent. Try a few of these strategies and see if they are the right fit for

Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom Three! Summer is still here and temperatures are still heating up. Even though our outdoor time has been limited because of the high temperatures, we are still getting out there and moving our bodies. Children will even ask for their sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats so that the sun won’t hurt them. We talk about the weather throughout the day as it is Oklahoma and is always changing. It’s that time again for transitions in our class. A few of our classmates will be transferring to one of our other centers and entering into Early Preschool. We will miss them so much, but know that they will be in great hands and eager to meet new friends, have new toys, and a new playgrou

Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello, August has been very hot and humid but that hasn’t stopped us from having some fun outside! We have enjoyed getting our bodies moving and exploring the outdoors. In addition, being outdoors has given us the opportunity to interact, collaborate, and negotiate with children from other classrooms. In September we will be focusing on creative skills. Creative expression is an essential element of building knowledge. Infants, toddlers, and twos begin to explore and interact with materials, providing opportunities to develop and express individual ideas, feelings and interests. Creative art activities promote the development of self-esteem, individuality, and imagination. They can also refl

Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families! What a summer it has been for each of us! The class has been learning so many fun things from physical to mental growth. Miss Kortney and I love watching each child in our class grow in their own individual ways. I could not be more proud of each child as they learn a new life skill. For the month of August, we have been focusing on the Early Learning Guidelines of Science. Young children are naturally curious and learn through exploration and using their senses. They are looking, touching, smelling, tasting, and listening to everyone and everything in their surroundings. These experiences will assist children in acquiring knowledge on which to build a better und

Letter from the Director!

Kids need boundaries and limits to feel safe. Being calm and firm while enforcing boundaries is a skill set that must be built and exercised over time. Parental emotions can run high when children behave in an unsafe or undesirable manner. Here are a few tips to help you manage setting limits: Always stay one step ahead and have a plan. Make sure you are direct and clear with your expectations. Ensure your tone of voice is warm yet firm. Know that your child will not always comply, and that’s okay, they are learning. Make sure your expectations are appropriate for the child’s age and development. The key is to be consistent. Try a few of these strategies and see if they are the right fit for

Meet Our New Teachers!

Becky Luper: Becky is the Master Teacher in Toddler 3. She has 19 years’ experience teaching Preschool and a B.A. in English with internship and coursework in Education. She has two daughters, three grandchildren, and three dogs. Estefania Salazar: Estefania is the Assistant Teacher in Toddler 3. She will earn her CDA license with Delaware Child Development and plans to complete her college education in the future. She worked with County Mental Health for five years, and she also loves this opportunity to work with children at DCD. She has two beautiful children and was born in Durango, Mexico.

Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, Preschool 2 Families! Last month, we learned all about music. The children enjoyed exploring new instruments and learning about how we can use them. Music has many benefits in a child’s development, like strengthening our motor skills by using our bodies to dance along to the music. The children loved having the opportunity of making their own Maracas by using spoons, an Easter egg, beans, and tape. For the month of August, we will be doing a study about Building. The children will use their imagination to become construction workers and architects. We will use various blocks and wood to build various structures and buildings. The children will also have the opportunity to pretend to

Ms Jessica's Class - Preschool 1

Hello!! During the month of July, we had lots of fun. We played outside, made forts, and did a lot of open-ended art. I love watching what the kids come up with when they are given different supplies and are free to make whatever they desire. We learned about bugs and plants. These kiddos love bugs even if they are a little terrified of them. With August approaching so quickly, we will be saying, “See ya’ later!” to our friends who are going to school, and we will eventually have new friends in our class. Although we are sad to not be seeing them every day, I’m excited to see how they all grow! I miss being in constant communication with all of my parents, so please feel free to shoot me an

Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello from EPS! We have really enjoyed the month of June, saying so long by celebrating Mud Day! This is always a welcome celebration by actually making mud with friends and seeing where the adventure can take us! What a fun time it was, and we slid right into the month of July! We learned about the shapes on the flag, made a windsock, and explained to the children it was America's birthday. They are so good at saying the “Pledge of Allegiance,” and they take it very seriously. It sure makes this teacher proud! God Bless America! We have been watching our garden grow daily, and it has produced some beautiful tomatoes! The children love checking on them each day, then picking the vines. What

Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from Toddler 4! We have had a great month playing and learning! This past month we have been focusing on mathematics. They have enjoyed learning about quantity by pouring water in our sensory table from one container to another. This is a great way to understand more and less. We have also enjoyed doing number songs, and “Five Little Monkeys” is a class favorite right now! Another aspect of mathematics we have been learning about is spatial awareness and where we are in space compared to other objects. One way we have been doing this is by building houses with blocks for our plastic people and using words to describe locations such as in front of, behind, etc. We love finding different

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