Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

We had so many changes last month! Our Owasso/Sperry center has opened, and some of our children have moved over there. We also gained some new friends who were previously enrolled in our Family Child Care Home 3. During this past month, we learned about our shapes, and we also had many shapes posted on our walls. We were able to create art out of shapes, and we also danced to songs where we needed to identify the types of shapes around us. With our new friends at our home, we are slowing down the times in which we transition to different areas and activities. We want all children to feel welcomed as we are all adjusting to change. Now that we have younger children in the classroom, our less

Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello parents, We had a fun time bringing the book Water is Water to life as we discussed and experienced different ways water moves. We also were able to experience fog on our Playscape as it was leaving. We also would like to send a thank you to families for participating in the parent teacher conferences. For the month of April, we be discussing our community helpers. I will use the kid’s favorite pups to discuss our community helpers in our towns. We will focus on the firefighters, police, construction workers, and the forest rangers. STANDARD 4 Economics – The child explores various careers and identifies basic economic concepts. Ms. Teresa

Ms Erin & Mr Matt's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, Parents! As we head into April, we will be continuing to work on our Social and Personal Skills. We will continue to provide opportunities for our children to learn how to identify and express their feelings appropriately. Also, we will be providing activities to promote positive team building as well as acknowledging our friends have feelings. We will also learn to problem solve through situations that arise during class. I have seen a lot of growth take place within our class, and I can only see a great time ahead as we move into spring. Ms. Erin and Mr. Matt

Ms Kaitlyn's Class - Early Preschool 1

This month we will be working on Health, Safety, and Physical Development. We will understand the importance of washing our hands, brushing our teeth, and taking care of our own needs while using large muscle and fine motor development. All the standards in this section will be covered throughout this month. Standard 1- Large Muscle Skill Development - The child participates in activities involving large muscle skills. Standard 2- Fine Motor Skill Development - The child participates in activities involving small muscles. Standard 3- Health-Enhancing Activity Development - The child participates in activities for the development of lifetime health and fitness. While we will be focusing on He

Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

In the month of February, I would like to focus on your child’s social and emotional skills. We will be focusing on identifying and properly expressing our emotions. We will identify a different emotion every week with pictures and facial expressions. We will also be working on coping skills to help the children when they are feeling sad. By helping your child identify their emotions and the emotions of others, they are able to better manage their emotions and enjoy every day experiences. It also helps to create a more positive sense of self-worth and confidence. Children can learn to regulate and manage their emotions through positive and nurturing relationships with others. We will be focu

Ms Krisinda & Ms Maddie's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B families! We have been working hard on our communication skills and the ability to recognize and respond to the emotions of our classmates. Our Early Learning Guideline focus for the month of April will be Early Literacy. We will be working on Standard 5 – "Pre-Writing: The child will explore different tools that will lead to making random marks, scribbles, and pictures." For our classroom, we will explore drawing, painting, and “writing” as ways to communicate. The children will be asked to talk about what they have drawn. We will be including colors and shapes this month as well. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to come and spend some time with us, plea

Ms Chyanne & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler A

Our class will be enjoying extra messy play this month. As we explore our materials, children will get to test out what happens when we mix, when we pour, and when we shake things up! Allowing children to explore materials in safe, yet exciting ways develops pre-math and pre-science skills – even for young children. Families can look forward to pictures documenting our exploration. Just as a reminder, if we get too messy, we will change our clothes. Any dirty clothes will be placed in the child’s cubby and ready to take home that day. At this moment, we are reducing our parent volunteers. You can, however, follow along in our messy fun via Kids Report. While Jenny is away these next weeks, M

Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

For the Month of March, we focused on Social-emotional skills. The children learned so much, such as learning to identify other childrens’ emotions as well as their own. As for the Month of April, we are going to continue focusing on our social-emotional skills. We are also going to focus on communication skills as well. The ELG that we will be working on for social-emotional skills is: "Begin to recognize and respond to the emotional cues of self and others." By working on this skill, the children will be able to learn to identify their own emotions and the emotions of the other children around them. When it comes to the ELG for communication, we will work on being able to demonstrate an in

Letter from the Director!

Dear Families, We are amidst an unprecedented time in history with the outbreak of Covid-19. Many of our families have had the means to be able to stay home with your children during this time. Let me say that we here at the center truly miss seeing your little ones every day! I know the children we do have miss playing with all their friends each day. We cannot wait for things to go back to the norm and have a center full of fun and laughter again. I would like to continue our discussion on No-Drama Discipline. Many of you who are at home each day with your children may have had some opportunities to stop and think about your discipline philosophy. I want to move forward with discussing our

Message from Joanna

Dear Parents, We highly anticipate being back in routine and seeing your children! While we may not know when we’ll return to the norm, I’d like to introduce you to “I Love You Rituals” and ask you to implement them with us. For children, “I Love You Rituals” are like life preservers for sailors adrift in dangerous seas. They help children move through the storms. Unless children are helped to deal with challenges, they may challenge adults by demonstrating a myriad of irritating behaviors. By playing “I Love You Rituals” with your children, you replace mistrust of the outcome with trust. This technique is especially helpful with transitions because it eases children’s anxiety as they transf

Week of the Young Child

Families, Every year, Early Childhood Educators around the world celebrate the Week of the Young Child. This is a week where we take time to acknowledge the importance of early learning and to celebrate young children, their teachers, families, and communities. Typically, we celebrate this week in the classroom with many different activities. This year will be a little different with the current Covid-19 crisis our country and world is facing. We are going to take things on-line. We will plan activities around the theme for each day and will send activities to you via email that you can enjoy with your young learners each day. It is my hope that as you complete the activities, you will share

Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3, Last month was a hard month with the virus that spread so quickly, but during that time it was a great opportunity to talk about health and safety with our children at school and also at home. While we remained open for the families who needed that support from us, we tried to keep their daily routine as normal as could be. For the families that could, they took this opportunity to spend extra time together and build a stronger bond. This also gave parents a chance to be even more of a teacher and get creative with activities for their family to do together. I know this has been a scary time, but I hope we took the time to stop and not take for granted the simple thin

Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from Classroom 2, With the spread of Covid-19, it has made March a roller coaster ride for all of us. I miss seeing each child’s smiling face throughout each day. I miss all they joy the children put into the classroom. I know that it is hard to get your work done during the day with a child at home, but at this time being home is the safest option for your children. I highly encourage you to take this time and make it enjoyable for the family! A fun activity to try at home that supports physical development is Enjoying Music and Using Large and Small Muscles. Sing a song your child knows and encourage them to move to the beat. Babies who can sit up will bounce up and down to the music

Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 families! I am excited that we have been getting to know each other this last month. I love watching the children grow and learn each day. Last month we were learning about the Early Learning Guidelines: Approaches to Learning. I wanted to learn how each of children approached learning. We used our senses by touching, tasting, smelling, listening, and looking at different things inside and outside the classroom. We did a lot of messy play such as finger painting with different textures, getting muddy outside, and lots of goo in the sensory table. I encouraged each child to join in on learning at their own pace so I could view how each child approached learning. Now that we

Holi Celebration

On March 6th, one of our families invited us to celebrate Holi with them. Holi is known in India as the Indian festival to celebrate the coming of spring and is a day that signifies the blossoming of love and a time for everyone to meet and play, laugh, forget and forgive, and to repair broken relationships. Another name for it is the ‘festival of colors’. This family planned a morning full of wonderful activities. These activities included a celebration of art where the children created a colorful card using paints and a straw. Their creations turned out beautiful and signified a colorful celebration. A story was read to the children on the meaning of Holi. The children then went outside wh

Letter from the Director!

Dear Families, Are you teaching your child about music? Sharing music with your child is an experience that can cultivate feelings of attachment, sharing of interests, learning of new things, and building familial traditions. During your days at home or riding in the car, take advantage of the moments and introduce music to your child. Perhaps spice up the play list with a variety of instruments, tempos, and genres. If you have access to instruments, even old ones from the garage, let your child tinker with the strings. In our program, music is used to enhance the lesson plan. Some songs are staples in the classroom and sang everyday. Do you know the songs your child’s class sings often? Chi

Oklahoma Right Start Infant/Toddler Project News

North Central Oklahoma Right Start Infant Toddler Project is pleased to announce the completion of 30 hours TA by the providers listed below. From left to right – Cassandra Allen, FCCH in Perkins, OK; Codie Holloway and Sally Whalen, FUMC Educare in Perkins, OK; Dajunique Rothwell, Building Blocks II in Ponca, City OK; Tosha Stroud, FCCH in Pawhuska OK. Congratulations! Oklahoma Right Start Infant Toddler Project Is looking forward to some changes. While we are learning more about our new perimeters, we are putting a hold on taking new applications. We want to be sure that when we share information and invite you to be a part of our project, that we are giving you the most accurate and up

Before the World Went Crazy....

Hello Providers, This month has taken an unexpected turn with the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. We have had many providers close and many more changing their health policies to help stop the spread of this virus. For your R&R Specialist, our normal activity has also changed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We have cancelled all trainings until further notice and TA can be done via phone, facetime, and email. At the beginning of this month, all R&R staff across the state met in Oklahoma City to discuss child care issues and to further our education on Practice Based Coaching. We will be using Practice Based Coaching in our TA in the coming months. Your R&R Specialist has also done trai

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