Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from classroom 2! The month of May has been full of rain! We have enjoyed playing in the rain and also playing in muddy puddles. We love getting to explore new textures with our hands and our toes. Hopefully the rain will come to a halt so we can enjoy some nicer summer weather this June. June is going to be an exciting month for classroom 2! We are looking forward to water play. Water play is both enjoyable and educational because it helps children develop hand eye coordination and math and science skills. It also enhances social skills and encourages cooperation. We will also be conversing about the dads in our lives since Father’s Day is June 16th. We will discuss the importance of

Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3! This month we will be going over physical development. What I learned in my Early Learning Guidelines book is during infancy through age three, children are not only growing physically in size but are also gaining control of their bodies. Small and large muscle skills and self-help skills increase over time. In a healthy and safe environment, children have freedom to move so they can learn and grow their bodies. When a child learns to sit up or hold an item, it is the foundation for later learning. We will assist by providing a safe environment, encouragement for every child, and planning activities to incorporate movement. Some of what we will be learning is walking

Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families! The month of June came upon us so quickly! We have been getting to enjoy more outdoor play. The children really love being outdoors and being able to use their large muscles and work on that part of their development. We have also been working on being kind to our friends and having helping hands. During this month of June we will be working on Physical Developments Standard 2: The child participates in activities involving small motor skills, and also Standard 3: The child participates in activities requiring coordination of eye and hand movements. Being able to have more extended outdoor play gives us more opportunities to do activities utilizing the sandbox

Letter from the Director!

Benefits of Mud Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! How many of you have been singing this song repeatedly over the last month? I know I have. The children, however, have been enjoying the rain at the center. With rain comes MUD! The children love playing in the mud after the rain. As a parent, I know I cringe at the mud at times. But why? Research shows that coming into contact with a certain amount of bacteria is actually good for us as it builds up our immunity. Not to mention, playing in the mud means playing outdoors. So, let’s get out there and get muddy! There are many more benefits to playing in the mud. First, it encourages creativity for children. I remember when I was you

Welcome Our New Teachers!

Kelcee Green: Kelcee is a recent graduate of Dewey High School. This summer, she will begin working toward her CDA license. Kelcee is a Supporting Teacher and will primarily be working in Ms. KK’s room. She lives with her mom and step-dad and has a sister, Destinee, and two half-brothers, Braxton and Brantley. Shelby Boggs: Shelby is currently attending Pittsburg State University to earn her K-6th Grade Teaching License. She has been a nanny for several years and an AWANA program teacher. Shelby is a Substitute Teacher, so you will see her in a variety of classrooms over time. She lives with her dad and her two dogs, a German Shepard mix named Moose and silver Lab named Cash.

Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, everyone! As May is coming to a close, I would like to draw attention to how much the children really enjoyed making a special gift for their mom. Seeing the excitement in their eyes when we discussed how we were going to decorate a gift for our moms was magical. I have found that the children really enjoy setting up food parties for their friends. Everyone has had the opportunity to be the cook who sets the table in home center and makes a meal for their classmates. I find it exciting when I see them go through the motions of playing lunch time. Afterward, they often will say that it’s time for bed. I am very proud of the children for being able to follow our daily routines even when

Ms Nicole's Class - Preschool 1

Summer is finally here and has brought us hot sunny days and new learning experiences! We did so much in May as a class. It was such a delight to have the mothers come to have tea and treats with us. I love to watch you engage with your children and their friends in class. In June we are still exploring exercise and even learning what it means to be healthy. Remember to encourage those same healthy habits at home because it is very important to our health and development to stay healthy and active. In the preschool class, we recently added a loose parts center. I have taken the time to research and read the advantages of loose parts in the early childhood development setting, and I found it

Early Preschool 2

Hello from EPS! We are excited for the warmer weather that we are having since that means we can be outside and play in the water! We are making sure, though, that since the sunshine is brighter, we are putting on sunscreen and drinking plenty of cool water. With the recent weather changes that we have had, we are also paying very close attention to the weather, making sure everyone is safe at all times. We have been going outside looking for rocks to build a house, finding different leaves from plants around us, and watching butterflies and moths that land on our bushes. All of the children love to find different rocks as well as pieces of wood. Then we look at the different shapes and tex

Ms KK's Class - EPS 1

Hello from EPS 1! We are so pleased with the transitions that have taken place from the West center, and we are proud to have new friends to interact with. Playground time is so fun when there are many children to share it with. We are looking forward to summer days when we can enjoy some water play and mud time, as well as watching for our first tomato to make its appearance! Speaking of Summer, you may be wondering when the first day of summer is. Summer Solstice is June 21st this year which happens to fall on a Friday. Now, you may be wondering if summer solstice and the first day of summer are the same thing. That's a good question...Yes and No. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer sols

Ms Marrisa's Class - Toddler 4

Hello again from the Toddler 4 classroom! Another month has come and gone. Oh, where does the time go? Speaking of time flying by, some of our friends have had birthdays this past month. Happy birthday to our friends! We are so grateful to have had our mothers come and be celebrated on Mother's Day by coming to our “Tea and Tulips Party.” It was so much fun. I loved being able to see how excited they were to have you come. We have been working on many things this past month. One of the most important things we have been working on is perfecting and expanding our language skills so that we may learn to self-regulate. Knowing how to express oneself emotionally and be heard is a huge need for a

Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 3

According to Kids Club Child Care’s website, water play gives many opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills across the board for all ages. With that being said, in the month of June, your child will have the opportunity to increase his/her hand eye coordination through actions such as pouring, scooping, squirting, and splashing with water inside and outside of the classroom. Your child will also get a chance to work on vocabulary like the words “full” and “empty,” “more,” and “almost.” Your child will also learn how to take turns using different varieties of items while at the water table. Your child will be given the chance to use different objects for our open-ended art, such

Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

Hello from Toddler 2! I am Ms. Riley, and I am very excited to be subbing for Ms. Jessica and getting to know T2 even more while she is taking care of her new baby girl. In the month of May, we have been learning a lot about the weather, especially with all the crazy weather we have been having. They all love to watch the rain and lightning and hear the thunder! It just surprises them every time. I love answering all of their questions that they have. At circle time, we always sing the weather song, and then we talk about if it’s rainy, sunny, cloudy, windy, hot, or cold! We really love playing in the mud after it rains. Some things we are going to be working on in the month of June are real

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1! We have had a very great month in our classroom! We finished up talking about spring and the rain and have started a new adventure - talking about bugs in our classroom! We love bugs and are always on the hunt to find some. Luckily, our class is next to our playground, and we get many varieties of bugs landing on the windows. Our children were very excited when a beetle landed on the window near the door; everyone was poking at the glass trying to touch it, which was so cute. We also get to experience butterflies on our plants, and the kids like to chase them around the playground! As we head into June, I want to continue on with learning about bugs because our children really

Ms Amanda's Class - Infants 2

Parents, The month of May was busy and fun! We are very happy to welcome our new teacher, Stormee, to our classroom! We are beginning to adjust very well to her, and we are so excited she has come to join us. We would like to thank all of the moms and grandmas who came to join us for our Tulips with Mom Day. It was so much fun to see our moms and celebrate them on their special day! We can't wait to celebrate our dads in the month of June! Please, make sure that you check your child's cubby daily to see if there is anything to take home for the day. If your child needs anything brought in for the next day, their cubby will have a sticky note on it with a reminder for you. While you are check

Ms Michelle's Class - Infants 1

Wow!! What a month full of milestones and gross motor development! A few of our friends have started crawling, eating baby food, and sitting up! With a lot of unobstructed floor play, our infants are able to move and explore their world, thus enabling muscle groups to strengthen. Some of our little friends are experiencing "stranger anxiety". This is a normal part of development and is often scary for our infants. This month we are going to work on introducing new people into our classroom. When an unfamiliar person comes in, we will show the child that we are not scared of new people. We will greet them warmly with positive body language -- smiles, relaxed posture, eye contact, and a happy

Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents, Children can start learning character skills as soon as they are able to talk. And coincidentally, how we talk to our children has a huge impact on their ability to develop honorable traits, such as responsibility, trustworthiness, and dependability. In her 2019 article, “Helping Your Children Learn Responsibility,” Marie L. Masterson lists four key points to speaking with children: (1) notice and narrate, (2) ask instead of tell, (3) put your child in charge, and (4) celebrate success. I recently visited one of our classrooms and saw all these strategies in action. “Notice and narrate.” The Master Teacher saw a boy choosing to not make a mess with his puzzle and said, “(Name o

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