Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

In the month of June, we will be discussing and identifying some community workers. Community workers all work together to make our lives better and easier. We teach and instill in our children daily that we all should work together and help each other. This is exactly what community workers do. We will not only discuss team work and helping, we will also get a chance to teach our children some helpful tips in emergency situations. While it is important that our children understand to avoid strangers, it is also important to prepare our children for any situations they may find themselves in. By introducing and identifying community helpers and their uniforms, such as police officers, firefi

Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Hello Parents, We are gearing up for Summertime! We will be spending more time outdoors as well as getting to experience water play outside. I’m asking you to please bring your child a swim suit or an extra change of clothes to keep here. Did you know that unstructured outdoor play helps children learn to take turns and develop other positive skills? Children are more likely to explore and learn about the world around them and use their own abilities. We encourage all of our children with child led activities. As always, parents are always welcome to come join in our daily activities! Ms. Tippy and Ms. Carly

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

We are almost done with learning our alphabet! We will be introducing the last two letters (Y and Z) next week. We learn by singing 3 types of ABC songs, playing with wax sticks to try to create the letters, and by doing one-on-one art work. We will work with these two letters for two weeks, then review all the letters for two more weeks. Then we will start learning our colors and associating them to our surroundings. The best way to learn is through play. We have been focusing a lot on our sensory play. We had the chance to create slime and playdough from scratch. The children even had the chance to plant their family a flower in a pot for Mother’s Day. As the weather gets warmer, we will s

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

Our theme for the month will be "Oceans and Ocean Animals". We will be learning about the different oceans and the different animals that live in those oceans. We will be also be focusing on the animals that the children are interested in. Some books that we will read are Manta Rays by Melvin and Gilda Berger, Whales by Melvin and Gilda Berger, Journey Through The Ocean by Steve Cox, and Sharks. We will be reviewing letters Y, L, O, A, J, Q, M, & C, and the numbers 11, 15, 7, 12, 6, 14, 9, 2. The children will participate freely in musical activities, finger play and singing, and dramatic play themes.

Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Dear Parents, We have an eventful month planned for your children. We will continue with our “Investigating the Life of Plants and Animals” theme. Our theme will be "Finding Nemo" where we will focus our learning about the clown fish. The children will learn basic things like: what they eat, why they are called clown fish, and about the shocking plant they live in called the Anemone. Science Standard 3: Life - The child will observe and investigate plants (The Anemone) and animals (Focus fish will be the Clown Fish). Also, the children will be working on their math skills this month. During this month we will take a trip to the Jenks Aquarium. The children, along with the help of their paren

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents! In Early Preschool we are transitioning from Mathematics to open ended language and literacy practices. To have a precise idea on practices the children will be learning and exploring, we will look at the Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines and focusing on a select few. The Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines we will be looking at are in Literacy and Oral Language: Standard One - Listening – The child will listen for information and for pleasure. Standard Two- Speaking – The child will express ideas or opinions in group or individual settings. We will have activities planned out for each child to have their own take-away from the days we spend on these ELG's. The children will

Ms Krisinda & Ms Arika's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Families! TB has spent the last two months focusing on our communication and language comprehension skills in the classroom. This month we will be working on social and personal skills, specifically ELG – Standard 2: The child will develop strategies to regulate emotions and behavior. We have seen and heard an increase in our language abilities in the indoor and outdoor classrooms. Our goal for the 12 – 18-month-old children will be to help them recognize and respond to the emotional cues of themselves and others. For our friends that are 1 ½ - 2 ½, we want them to continue to learn and accept limits while increasing their development of the “I can do it” attitude. This is i

Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

Greetings TA families! June is here, and we are learning about community workers. We will play to learn about firefighters, police officers, doctors, construction workers, and postal workers. We will read books that help us understand how everyone has a different job and how that effects our environment, and we will also use classroom jobs to help us learn as well. Special guests such as firefighters and police officers will come and talk to us about their jobs within our community on the 7th of June at 9:30 AM. Thank you for sending swimsuits and swim shoes last month. We have been using our strong muscles to engage in water play and strengthening our dexterity by using our awesome new clim

Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

The month of May was full of learning with our senses. For the month of June, we will focus on Social and Personal Skills Standard 1: Continue to strengthen relationships with adults and begin to develop an interest in other children. With our focus on this standard, we will work on learning how to interact with other children by going outside on the toddler playground and interacting with the older children as well as interacting with the children in their own classroom. We will also assist with the transition from new people coming into the classroom to the teacher leaving. We will take pictures of the people that will be in our classroom while Gabi and I are not in the classroom. We will

Letter from the Director!

Dear Families, We are looking forward to our family engagement events this summer! Please pick up a copy or save the pdf sent via Kid Report of the summer family engagement calendar. All of the family events this summer are open to you and your family. In order to promote a diverse experience this summer, we have added some new events; we hope to see you all there – siblings included! We are recruiting volunteers to help with two special events: International Mud Day and the Cool Summer Reading event. Both opportunities will be made even better with your time and talent. Please see the front office to sign up to volunteer. Remember parents of preschool students, we are in need of your final

Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello from the Preschool 2 room! These past few weeks have brought a lot of changes into our lives. I am amazed at how well each child has been adjusting to being in a new classroom and having a new teacher. I have enjoyed and look forward to getting to know each student more. I have learned how much the children love to play outside. We have been encouraging each child to explore and become comfortable in their new environment. Outdoor play helps not only to promote physical development, but also to improve their cognitive and social-emotional skills. One of the things the children really enjoyed doing last month was having the opportunity to hide some of the Easter eggs for the next classr

Ms Nicole's Class - Preschool 1

As April comes to an end, so does our class investigation on Music. We have learned that music comes from all different places all over the world and that each place has its very own unique sound. One activity that the children really enjoy is to listen to different types of music and find which place on the globe it came from. We also learned that you can make music with your voice and various instruments and that we can also use many things around us to make music as well. April has just been full of excitement, fun, and memorable teaching moments. In May we are working hard on our approach to play and how to positively enter groups and play with our friends. This will help us play with on

Ms Missy's Class - EPS 2

Hello, everyone! I am happy to report that our class is really enjoying our new room. One activity they like the most is playing with Mad Matter. It is the smartest “doh” to ever flow. It is easy to shape and mold as well as easy to clean up, and it never dries out. If your family hasn't tried it, I highly recommend you give it a try. We have had a lot of fun working with all the wonderful puzzles. We have been spending lots of time outside playing and exploring. Part of our new playground has opened, which is the trike path. The children are learning to be safe while riding the trikes by learning to put on their helmets. Another big hit with the children is the sensory water table with meas

Ms KK's Class - EPS 1

Hello from EPS! We are so thankful for this beautiful weather lately; we have had many days enjoying snack time outside. Sunscreen has already been a priority, and lots of cool water is a necessity. Mother Nature can be tricky; therefore, we have to be on our toes and stay tuned to the weather updates and keep a close eye on our Child Care Weather Watch Chart. Not to worry though, we are taking every precaution to keep everyone hydrated and cool and to enjoy the beautiful sunny days! Some ways to enjoy the natural outdoors with children are really very simple, and you can use these opportunities for learning as well. All children love to read, so why not take your reading time outdoors? Tak

Ms Marrisa's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 classroom! There has been a lot of new and exciting things going on in our class! The major change has been the transition to DCDC Bartlesville. Your babies have handled it beautifully. I couldn’t be prouder of them! They have explored and discovered all of our new toys like our water table and climbing toy. Outside time has been a real treat for them. They love the sandbox and the tee-pees outside. Tuesday, April 16th, we had our Easter egg hunt. They had a blast searching for the giant Easter eggs in every nook and cranny of the playground. On that same day we took a nature walk around the pond out front. We saw a ginormous crane that flew right over us. That was f

Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 3

Bishop Reginald Heber once said, “Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.” In the month of May, our class will be learning about our different weather changes that come with spring. The children enjoy looking out the window while we sing the “Weather” song. Also, in our classroom we always have open-ended art, which means that we give the children materials to explore how to use them to make unique creations. This will eventually help with their early writing skills. This month they will be able to paint with flowers, sticks, and leaves. We will also be adding dirt and sand into our paint for different textures. The children have done extremely well with the transition into th

Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

Spring has sprung! We are loving being outside more. We've been talking about spring and all the changes around us. We have talked about the weather being warmer, grass becoming greener, and the trees and flowers blooming. We've also been enjoying looking out the windows watching the birds. Thank you to all the parents who brought snacks and came to the Easter egg hunt and party! In the month of May, we will continue to talk about spring and the weather. Ms. Heather

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Happy Spring! For the month of March, we talked a lot about spring in our class! We sang songs about the weather, and we read books that relate to spring. One book we read together is called Rain. The children really enjoy it because the book just says “plip plop” a lot, and they think it’s really funny! Also, because of the weather being so nice, we are able to go outside on a regular basis again and are learning about the new grass growing and the trees turning green! We also painted with spring colors during art, and we used our hands to have some sensory fun! Going into May I have noticed that our class is really enjoying bugs, so I have centered my lesson plan on bugs. I plan on reading

Ms Amanda's Class - Infants 2

Infant 2 Parents! We have all adjusted very well to our new classroom. We have very much enjoyed all the new toys and our new playground. Thank you all for being so patient with all the new changes. During the month of May, we will spend as much time as we can outside exploring our new outside area. We love having the opportunity to see all the pretty colors our playground has to offer. Feeling the grass between our toes and fingers has been a fascinating experience. May also brings Mother's Day, and we will be making a special project for the special moms in our lives. As a reminder, please check your child's cubby daily for any soiled clothing or other items that may need to go home. Also,

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