Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Hello, Parents! Spring is finally here! The weather is starting to warm up which means we are getting to spend more time outside and bring our Indoor activities outside! Being outside is so beneficial for our children. It builds their physical development, contributes to their cognitive development, and they are just much happier being outside! We have been discussing animals and bugs, it has been fun watching our children find different bugs and ask questions about them. We will be starting our own butterfly exploration project to watch butterflies develop stage by stage. As always, parents are always welcome to stop by and read stories or interact with us in our daily activities! Ms. Tippy

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Hello! Our class is still learning about the alphabet. We have recently started on the letters S, T, and U. We review the alphabet by singing various songs and dancing, and we will work hands-on by coloring and using wax sticks to shape out the letters. We are also taking our time to learn the letters in our names! We are providing a different environment for the children to learn in by doing most of our indoor group activities outdoors. We have experimented with different types of sensory experiences: water, slime, and sand. We will continue to incorporate all of this to help the development of your child with learning through play.

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

This month we will be learning more about bugs and insects and what the difference is between the two. For example, insects have three body parts and arachnids have only two body parts. We will also be talking and learning about birds and making apple bird feeders. We will be learning about Mother's Day and talk about how much we care about others, and how much others care about us. We will also talk about how to use our manners to show others that we care about their feelings. We will be working on the letters S, R, N and I upper and lower case. The numbers we will be working on are 4, 2, 20, and 10. We will be counting objects to help children understand the relationship between numbers an

Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, Parents! For the month of May we will be using our science skills to focus on birds. The two standards from the Early Learning Guidelines we use to teach your children will be: Science Standard 1 : Science Processes and Inquiry - The child will investigate and experiment with objects to discover information. The children will be encouraged to use a camera and binoculars to see the birds. They will also create a bird's nest and discuss why birds build nests. We will take pictures of nearby nests to see if they have eggs in them. Science Standard 3: The child will investigate plants and animals.- We will be using science skills by exploring a few birds, focusing on three: the red cardi

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

This month in Early Preschool we are staying on the mathematics track with counting in English and Spanish, connecting numerals to quantities, and so much more. The Early Learning Guidelines that are connected with our focused learning are: Standard One - Algebraic Reasoning: Patterns and Relationships - The child will sort and classify objects and analyze simple patterns. Standard Four - Measurement - The child will explore the concepts of measurement. Standard Five - Data Analysis - The child will collect and analyze data in a group setting. With these standards being set as our goals of learning, we will explore the concepts through play with the children. So far, the interest expressed b

Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

In the month of May we will be learning to identify colors. The ability to identify colors is an important milestone in a child’s cognitive learning process. Discussing and identifying colors with your child is an open door to building and developing verbal communication. Learning to identify colors also helps children build a strong foundation for sorting and classifying the things around them. By sorting and classifying, children are also developing mathematical skills as well. Parents can help children learn to identify colors by asking them things such as “Can you bring me that BLUE ball?” Also, if children incorrectly label a color, you can correct them by pointing out something that is

Ms Krisinda & Ms Daphne's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Families! We are going to continue focusing on our “Communication Skills and Early Literacy (Language Arts)” during the month of May. This month our focus will be - Literacy Standard 3: Print Awareness - The child will begin to recognize familiar faces, patterns, symbols, and logos in the environment. We will also be working on Standard 4: Comprehension - The child will attach meaning to sounds, gestures, signs, and words heard. We will be introducing new finger play songs and encouraging the children to retell us their favorite books from our library. The weather is warming up and the children are really enjoying the extended outdoor play time. It is that time of year that

Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

Happy May, Family and Friends! The month of May is upon us and the season for outside water play is quickly approaching. This month we will continue learning about spatial awareness (whole body) and small motor skills (hand and finger muscles.) This is important to our class because we are learning to be aware of ourselves in relation to our toys and objects that surround us. We will experiment with moving our whole bodies by walking backwards, dancing, and through play with hula hoops and boxes. Using play dough that we make on our own, we will poke, squeeze, build, and play. This will strengthen our hand and finger muscles. All of this can be done both inside our classroom and out. We ask

Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

For the month of May we will be focusing on Creative skills from the early learning guidelines book. This book is used to help develop the children. The standard that we will focus on is Standard One: Begin to understand his/her world by using senses to explore and experience the environment. The way we will develop the children in this skill is through working with our five senses for the month. We will work on our five senses of smell, touch, hear, taste, and sight. By working on these five senses, it will help the children learn more about their environment around them. We will work on our creative skills through a lot of finger painting and painting with different objects such as paint b

Letter from the Director!

Thank you to all the parents who have provided support for us these last months by attending our Parent Teacher Organization Meetings, volunteering in the center, helping with policy council, etc. These partnerships are not only opportunities to connect together, but chances for like-minded individuals to support the awesome children from our program. This summer will provide continued events and opportunities for you and your children. We hope to see you come out to events and have some fun in the sun! We are also beginning the process of gathering withdraw notices from preschool families planning to enroll their children in their local public school. We need to know ASAP if this is your pl

Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from classroom 2! We have been busy exploring and learning. We have been reading stories, listening to music, doing art projects, exploring with sensory play, and spending as much time outside as possible. We have explored shaving cream, and it’s one of our class favorites! We cover our table in shaving cream, and the kids get to explore any way that they want. They quickly figured out they can draw things in the shaving cream and also rub it all over their bodies. In our sensory table, we have had dry rice; then another week we had dry oatmeal with cocoa powder. They liked burying things in it and digging to find what they had buried. They quickly noticed that it smelled good. A few b

Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from classroom three! Spring is here and the flowers are blooming! The children have enjoyed getting to look at and explore all the new flowers and plants that have been added to our playground. We have helped water the plants and talked about what they need to grow. Some took magnifying glasses outside so that they could explore closer. During the Week of the Young Child, we even got to plant our own succulent plant to take home. Also, during the same week we added some crawly creatures to the sensory table outside. WORMS! There were lots of screeches, laughter, and curiosity. Everyone wanted to look, but only some were brave enough to tough or hold one. In the other sensory table we

Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

The month of April was a busy month; it went by so fast! During the Week of The Young Child, each child planted their family a Succulent to take home. We also were able to enjoy sensory play outdoors where all the children were provided the time and a variety of experiences to see, smell, and touch different materials. This upcoming month we plan to talk about science and nature. We will explore and discuss bugs and insects, along with growing things and watching and talking about how our plants are growing outside. As a class we plan to go on nature walks to discuss different things as we are walking. The month of May is going to be full of different and fun experiences that we are looking

Letter from the Director!

Toddler Refusal Do you hear your toddler constantly saying ‘no’? Around two-years of age, toddlers are becoming more and more independent. With this newfound independence comes the all too familiar word ‘no’. This is referred to as ‘Toddler Refusal’. This stage of development can be exhausting for the parents. As parents, we tend to go along with this and engage in a power struggle with the child. So, what can we as caregivers do to overcome the power struggle? Here are a few suggestions to help you through this independent stage. The first thing we can do is offer the child choices. Offering limited choices is the best way to avoid a showdown with your toddler. “Do you want to put your shoe

Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

Spring is in the air, and all of us in the Preschool class are loving every minute of it! We are finally getting a chance to spend more time outside doing more outside activities and games. In the month of March, we finished up our investigation on recycling and reusing, and what fun we all had walking around picking up trash and taking it to the on-campus recycling bins! As you have noticed, your children have become very enthusiastic in the process of recycling, and they are still very motivated in the idea of keeping our earth clean and beautiful. One thing I love about teaching is using your children’s ideas to add something new to learning. While we were exploring recyclables, the child

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Happy Spring from EPS! We have really been watching our Tulips grow and are simply amazed how fast they have been coming up these past weeks! It seems as though they were merely bulbs not long ago, and now some of them are about 3-4 inches tall. The kids have been amazed how quickly they are becoming flowers and watching the colors come to life! Some children have been measuring and comparing the different sizes of plants. What an interesting Science and Math activity! We can't wait to share these with our Mothers on their special day! In our classroom, we have been talking about exercise and the benefits of a healthy heart. Did you know a healthy heart has many benefits? It not only lowers

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Happy Spring! Spring is in the air, and we are loving it. We have been spending a lot more time outside, and the children are loving it. This past month we have been working on self-help skills. We have been working on dressing ourselves and putting our own socks and shoes on. The children have gotten really good at washing their hands at all the appropriate times - after diaper changes, before and after meals, and after coming inside from playing outside. We have painted with spring colors in all sorts of ways. We have finger painted, painted with paint brushes, painted with cotton balls, and painted with a roller. Messy play is definitely a class favorite! We look forward to seeing everyo

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1! We had so much fun during the month of March! Since the weather has become increasingly cooperative, we have been able to play outside much more! We are very excited for spring for that reason! For the month of March, we learned about movements of our bodies and our feelings. We played a lot of songs that use gross motor movement; one of our favorites in the class is called “Movement Melody” where we gallop like ponies, jump like frogs, and march around like a Drill Sargent. It always gets our class moving and grooving, and our kids ask for it almost every day! Movement as we know is also a form of communication and helps our children learn another way to express how they feel

Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

Hola' from the infant room!! We had so much fun in March with our St. Patty's Day theme! We look forward to many fun activities for the “Week of the Young Child” in April! The weather seems like it is in a "toddler learning stage" this past month and has hindered us from going outside very much, but with April bringing nicer weather (we hope), we will be spending more of our time outdoors. You may see us outdoors during meal and nap times a lot in the near future. Outdoor activities promote cognitive development in many different ways. Click Here for a link that tells about the importance of the outdoors. Have a great April! "April showers bring May flowers". Ms. Michelle Ms. Hayden Ms. Ste

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