Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Hello, parents! We have a very exciting month ahead of us! The weather will be getting nice, and we will be able to spend more time outside! We will be able to do a lot of our indoor activities outside to give the children a different type of environment to learn. We are still learning to identify letters and sounds in the alphabet by continuing to sing songs and play with wax sticks to create letters, as well as pointing to the letters that we have worked on while we are reading books. We are currently reviewing the letters A-L and have recently introduced the letters M, N, and O. Ms. Elizabeth

Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents and Friends, This is a very special time in our calendar year. Week of the Young Child is approaching us, and we hope to see you in our classrooms to participate. Week of the Young Child allows Early Childhood Educators an opportunity to showcase the features of our learning adventures and celebrate the wonders of young minds. Working in Early Childhood propels teachers to understand how the brain works, why it works that way and how these patterns manifest in the lives of people down the road. It is an absolute pleasure teaching and guiding your children to discovering their own interests and skills. One of the biggest mysteries of young minds is the spark of inquiry and discov

Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Hello Parents! Welcome to our very first Newsletter! As you all know, my name is Tiffany, but I go by Tippy because it is easier for the children to say. I have worked in early child care for six years and also have an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education that has helped me gain more knowledge in the field that I work in. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know your children and gaining their trust. For the next month, we will continue to work with social emotional in establishing relationships with not only the children, but also with you, the parents. I am here to help guide them to express their needs and help them reach new goals and milestones. I look forward to work

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

This month we will discuss Spring - rain, storms, birds, flowers, trees turning green, gardening and planting vegetables, and flowers and how they grow. We will also discuss how caterpillars turn into butterflies. We will be working on letters C, E, M, & H upper and lowercase, and the numbers 5, 9, & 16. We will be germinating flower and vegetable seeds in our classroom windows. Then we will be planting them outside. The children will have different responsibilities to help take care of all the plants. Each day their responsibilities will change, giving each child the opportunity to work in each area of taking care of the plants. We will be measuring each plant and keeping a log on how they

Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, parents! We had a blast using our creative, phonological, and physical skills as we strolled through the month of March with Dr. Seuss. In the month of April, we’re going to bring to life to the book The Hungry Caterpillar by exploring our creative and science skills. The children will take a look at nature and see what they can capture outdoors. The children will experience firsthand about how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. We will need paper egg cartons to make caterpillars, so if you have any at home, please bring them for us to use for our activity. We will also be needing books on butterflies, so if your child has one at home, they may bring one to share. Feel free to

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Parents, I am so excited to tell you that during the month of April, we will be exploring and learning about Mathematics! We will be experimenting with patterns, how to build them, and what they are, all the way to graphing different pieces of data we will gather during large group time. Using the Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines, we will focus on mathematics standards one and five. STANDARD ONE - Patterns – The child will sort and classify objects and analyze simple patterns. This means that the children will use toys and pre-arranged activities for learning this standard. We will be starting with simple 2 color patterns (black, red, black, red) and smallest to largest, and ending with pa

Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

In the month of April, we will be focusing on our cognitive skills by learning about our five senses. People of all ages learn best through active engagements which utilize all senses. Throughout April we will be exploring our senses through hands-on experiences while also promoting language and new vocabulary by using descriptive words for the different senses. We will focus on learning different ways of receiving and processing information through the five senses. The five senses are a major part of the learning process. The five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are the primary means we use to gain new knowledge. From birth, children naturally learn with all the senses. Our

Ms Krisinda & Ms Daphne's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Parents! Spring is here, and we are seeing its signs on our playscape! The first week of April will be spent finishing up our “senses” series. We are going to use those senses this month to explore Spring and what we are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. This month we will be focusing on “Expressive Language.” While we have been working on verbal language daily, learning to use expressive language will be our focus in April. Express language skills will help your child to be able to express their needs, thoughts, and interests using gestures, sounds, or words. We will also be continuing to learn and use sign language to aid in our communication skills. We will

Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

Happy April, Family and Friends! For the month of April, we will be exploring math with our class. First, we will begin by becoming aware of patterns that are already all around us. Second, we will follow that up with being aware of ourselves in relation to objects around us by using words like on top of, inside, and behind. We will use blocks to build and reinforce our new words and their meaning. Our books that we will read together are Elmer, Pattern Bugs, Hop on Pop, and Inside Outside Upside Down. This month we have been learning to say the ‘days of the week’ and talking about the weather and the seasons. Our class is amazing, and we appreciate your family! Thank you, Ms. Jenny and Ms.

Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

Hello from the infant room! A lot of amazing things are going to be happening in the infant room. For the month of April, we will be working on physical development. In the Early Learning Guidelines book that we use to help with the children’s development, they associate physical development with different standards that break down how they will learn. We will focus on standard one: demonstrate basic locomotor movement. We will be working with the younger infants on learning how to crawl, sit up, and roll over. With the older infants we will be teaching them how to walk with assistance and without the help of an adult or walking toy. We will also be working with the older infants on sitting

New Teachers!

Pricilla McConnell Hello, my name is Priscilla McConnell, and I am very happy to be joining the Delaware Child Development Center Downtown team as a Float/Supporting Teacher. I have 18 years of early childhood experience—eight of those being with DCDC previously. I am currently enrolled at Tulsa Community College and hope to obtain my AAS in Early Childhood Development in May of 2019. I love teaching the minds of young children and have a strong passion for the early childhood field. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 14 years, and we have eight children who are my world. In my spare time I just enjoy being with my family, serving God, and being outdoors. I am really looking for


I would like to keep everyone up to date on the changes that are happening here at Delaware Child Development Center – Downtown. First, you may have noticed that our name has changed from West to Downtown. We opened another facility here in town. They have taken the name West which is why we are now Downtown. Second, you may have also noticed our maintenance crew has been on-site doing some building in our main lobby. They are building our café! We are excited to be able to share this with the families here at DCD Downtown. When they are finished with the café, they will start on the playground. We will see new trees, plants, a gazebo, and more climbing structures for the children to engage

Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3! I am excited to get to know all the families and for them to get to know me! A lot of changes have happened within a short amount of time, but I know that we as a class will get settled and find our own routine. This month my main focus will be to learn about the children in my class and for them to get to know me. We will do many “Get to know you” activities this month since we are new to each other. I would love for you to bring in family pictures so that I can put them around the class room. This will help them feel more comfortable in their new classroom. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us so that we can enjoy some time outside. This will also give the c

Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from Classroom 2! February went by in a blink of an eye! We spent the first two weeks of the month learning about love. We talked about what it means to love someone, who we love, and how we show love for someone. We painted with heart shaped cookie cutters and even got to make our families a loving Valentine’s Day craft. For the remainder of the month, we spent time learning about our feelings. We talked about the different feelings we have and may feel and how we show our feelings and recognize our feelings. Then we did some fun activities that represented our feelings, such as reading the book My Many Color Days by Dr. Seuss and painting with different colors to represent a differ

Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

Now that February is over, Spring is right around the corner! We are excited for nicer weather to be here. In February, our class was given a wonderful addition to our classroom and team - Ms. Danny. Ms. Danny is our new Assistant Teacher in Classroom 1. The children seem to really have taken wonderfully to her, and she is going to be a great help to me. She has new, creative ideas that we will be able to implement through our lesson plans. Our class is all so very excited for the weather to start changing so that we will be able to enjoy more outdoor activities. We are looking forward to being able to eat lunches and snacks outside, along with several other outdoor activities like taking ma

Letter from the Director!

Early Literacy Every year at the beginning of March, children all over celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss by kicking off a national reading month called “Read Across America”. Reading to a child is a great way to bond and build a relationship with our youngest learners. As Dr. Seuss states, “You are never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” I love that saying. Reading to our children sets them up for a lifelong love of reading. And who doesn’t like to pick up and read a good book? Developing early language and literacy skills begins during utero as the parent reads, sings, and talks during pregnancy. When the child is born, those skills increase as caregiv

Meet Our New Teachers!

Kendra Watts has worked in childcare since 2014 at Tri-County Tech, ABC-123, and CONCERN. She holds a CDA certificate and plans to start working toward her associate degree soon. She a Substitute Teacher, so you may see her in different classrooms from time to time, depending on the need. Heather Hinckley will soon be working toward earning her CDA license. Heather will primarily be working in Toddler 2. Stephanie Pittman has 14 years-experience working with children and will soon be working toward her CDA. Stephanie will be primarily in the Infants class.

Ms Amanda Jones—Family Child Care Home 1 Bartlesville

February came and went in a blink of an eye, but we had so much fun learning and growing! We celebrated Valentine's Day by talking and learning about love and friendship. We also had a Valentine's Day party and invited our families that we love so much to come and join us for a special Valentine's Day snack. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. We loved having you here! We are excited about moving our children and teachers to the DCDC Downtown location! For the month of March, we will be talking about Dr Seuss and reading some of his books. If any of our families are interested in coming in and reading their favorite children's book to us, we would love that so much! You could eith

Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

Hello, Preschool parents! We had such an amazing time investigating boxes that your children decided to keep some in the classroom for fun. I am sure that you all have had a chance to see our quiet space we made. We worked together as a team and put it together, then painted it. Our class has become a victim of the nasty Flu bug and I want to remind you that hand washing and covering your sneezes and coughs is an important part of keeping our friends and family safe from getting it as well. I make sure that I ask the children to sing the ABC's twice and use warm water and soap while scrubbing every part of their hands. I always tell them that we share Toys, not Germs! This month we started t

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from EPS! We have been discussing so many different things lately; it's hard to know exactly where to begin. The first thing we have discovered is how different balls are. Yes, they are called Balls, but in our world, we think of them as being bouncy and soft. As we dug out our big basket of balls, we realized that wasn't the case. We have balls that are hard, soft, bouncy, loud, quiet, some that roll and some that don't. The textures are truly fun to discover, and once we looked at them under the magnifying glass, it was an amazing sight. The children brought balls from home and shared them with the class, and we took turns bouncing and rolling to see how fast and far they would go. W

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