Family Child Care Home - Owasso

Hello, Parents! We are so excited to be starting the year off having fun and learning with all of our friends. We have a new face in the classroom, and we are so excited to be welcoming his family into our home. We have had the privilege of getting new toys and books to make available to the children. We are learning to respect and take care of our new things so that they can last a long time. You will see in our lessons plans to come that we will be working daily with the alphabet during our large group experience by singing and practicing the sounds of the letters. The past 3 weeks we have worked with the letters A, B, and C. Next we will work with D, E, and F. We will take our time to wor

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

We still have some winter ahead of us, so remember to send warm clothes. We go outside daily, giving the children an opportunity to learn that it may be too cold to be outside. The children get the opportunity to be in a nature environment where they learn and play by building with wood in all shapes and sizes, like building a bridge over the sand area that they can walk over. This month we will be learning the letters N, P, J, U, and I upper and lowercase. We will be tracing each letter, looking at pictures, and thinking of words that start with each letter and their sound. We will also be learning about Dental Health. We will be discussing why we brush our teeth. We do brush our teeth dail

Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, Parents! In January, we had fun making snow and learning about and moving our bodies like penguins. Penguins' favorite food is fish, and they have three colors on their body: orange, white, and black. We used our math skills to create our shape penguins. Then we explored sensory by creating snow. The children used their scientific inquiry skills when we combined the cornstarch and conditioner which made their hands cold. The children also helped create a snow slide for the penguin figurines to slide on their bellies. During the month of February, our theme will be Handfuls of Love. The children will travel around the center helping other teachers and friends in their classes, using th

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents! This month in EPS1, we will be focusing on our shapes and colors. Sometimes in class, the children have been getting mixed up between the meaning of "shape" and "color". For example, when I hold up a blue rectangle, and ask “what shape is this?”, they answer with “blue”. That is one reason why we will be focusing on these two things. Keeping it simple to start, we will use circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. The kids enjoy getting to do projects such as gluing the shapes to papers or cutting the shapes out with their own pair of safety scissors. This also improves the fine motor ability in the children. Also, fun matching games are sometimes all you need to watch the

Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

In the month of February, I would like to focus on your child’s social and emotional skills. We will be focusing on identifying and properly expressing our emotions. We will identify a different emotion every week with pictures and facial expressions. We will also be working on coping skills to help the children when they are feeling sad. By helping your child identify their emotions and other's emotions, they are able to better manage their emotions and enjoy every day experiences. It also helps to create a more positive sense of self-worth and confidence. Children can learn to regulate and manage their emotions through positive and nurturing relationships with others. We will be focusing o

Ms Krisinda & Ms Daphne's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Families! We are loving the language explosion that we have been experiencing in class. We have been working on getting to know the different parts of our bodies that connect to our senses. Each week we have talked about a new sense and what part of the body it relates to. We will continue exploring the connections made between our bodies and senses throughout the year. This month a lot of focus will be on the sense of touch by exploring how different materials feel when touched. Is it hard? Is it soft? Is it dry? Is it wet? We are also talking about colors. We started out with primary colors in January (red, blue, and yellow) and will start on secondary colors this month. W

Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

Hello from the infant room where the babies have been very busy! We have been working really hard on our gross motor, fine motor, and communication skills with sign language. In the month of February, we are going to read more books to help with the children’s vocabulary and sing more songs. We are going to talk about the colors red, white, and pink. We are also going to start teaching the children these colors in Spanish. By teaching the children these three colors in Spanish, it will help enhance the children’s vocabulary. We are looking forward to seeing how far the children will go in this next month. Thank you! Ms. Ashley and Ms. Gabi

Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

February is going to be all about social and emotional awareness. This is an important and vital life skill that will serve our class well now and in the future. Our class age is at the precipice of self awareness and empathy and being able to express our feelings with words. We are going to be focusing on 'all about me' and how family, friends, and pets complete our concept of self. We will also be using mirrors, puppets, and books to recognize and name different emotions. Please send pictures of your family and pets to my e-mail at It will be fun to discuss our families and their importance throughout our day.

CDA Prep Course Available!!

Have you been thinking about starting a career in child care? Are you already in child care, but are ready to take the next step in your career? Then our CDA Prep program is for you! Take the next step towards a career in early childhood education and join us for a CDA Prep Course. The Child Development Associate (CDA) credential is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education (ECE) and is a key stepping stone on the path of career advancement in ECE. This class will provide all 120 hours of CDA seat hours and some classroom hours. Our goal is to provide a positive, enthusiastic, and professional training that provides top quality educators not only for our centers, but

Ms Amanda Jones—Family Child Care Home 1 Bartlesville

December was such a fun and busy month! We hope you enjoyed the homemade ornaments that we made for you. We sure did have a blast making them. We were so happy to have Santa come and visit us, too. He was so kind and brought each of us a Christmas book to take home with us. We enjoyed helping make Christmas cookies to share with Santa and with all of our families. December was such a fun month! In January, we will be talking about Winter and the cooler weather. We are hoping to see a little bit of snow so that we can enjoy playing outside in it. Please, make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing in their cubbies. It is also a great idea to bring a coat, gloves, and hat daily. We l

Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

It is amazing how fast 2018 came and went, and here in the preschool class, we are ready to get this year started with a new investigation! In December, we finished our investigation on pets and ended with some discussions about the holidays. We had an amazing time at our Christmas party and seeing Santa! We had a blast making chocolate chip cookies for Santa. The children measured out the ingredients and took turns adding everything the recipe needed. They were so excited to give them to him! We even baked enough that we were able to taste them for ourselves! The preschool class has been spending so much time outside since the weather has been so nice for it being winter! We have been worki

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from EPS! I would like to begin by saying I hope each family had a wonderful Christmas! Winter has arrived, so bundle up to greet Jack Frost! As we go outside daily, remember it’s okay to layer your child up for outdoor activities. This is a great time to learn about different plants that thrive in cold weather. One plant is a Tulip. We are anxiously awaiting the sprout of the first color in Spring by Mother’s Day; we are anticipating a variety of colors! The children have surprises planned to honor their Mommy that month, and we are excited! So many things have been going on in and around our classroom, we may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was fortunate enough to attend a conference

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Happy New Year! We can’t believe it’s already 2019! This past year has flown by! Now that the holidays have past, we are hoping everyone’s lives calm down. We appreciate everyone being so involved with all the happenings that have been going on in our class over the past month. The whole month of December we went over Winter; we talked about the weather in Winter, the clothes you wear in Winter, and of course, Christmas. We got to visit with Santa and have a class party with some healthy snacks. Some of the art activities we did were painting with shaving cream, gluing yarn to paper, gluing tissue paper to paper, and finger painting. Some of the things we explored in our sensory table were d

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

In T1 we had a lot of fun in December! We loved practicing for our Christmas programs, and we sang “Jingle Bells” every day. We even have a book called Jingle Bells to read that really helped the kids learn the words to the song. We enjoyed talking about Santa and what we all wanted for Christmas. Some of the responses when we asked what the children wanted were pretty funny such as “a crayon,” “a tractor,” and “a puppy.” We also had a lot of fun making our Christmas presents for our parents; the children loved sticking their hands in the green paint and moving it all around! In December we talked about snow and how we really haven't had much, so I plan on doing a fun activity in January. Th

Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

Happy New Year!! What an amazing year the infant room has had! Looking back, we are overwhelmed with love thinking about how much the babies have grown and developed. Some of our friends have moved up to the toddler classes, and we have also gained new friendships. Let’s make 2019 a year to remember!! December was a very growth-oriented month for the infants! We focused on language skills and gross motor skills. One great way we did this was to dialogue with the infants about what we were doing, ask questions, read many books (our favorite being the “Biscuit” books), and sing songs throughout the day. We had a great turn out for our Christmas party and visit with Santa 🎅🏻. We thank each a

Letter from the Director!

The Dangers of Second-hand and Third-hand Smoke Generally, the smaller a mammal is, the faster the heart rate. Since children have a faster heart rate than adults, they also need to take more breaths per minute than adults. This means that children breathe in more second-hand smoke than adults would in the same exposure area. Children’s little lungs are still developing, so the damaging effects can also be greater as well. The article, “Second-Hand Smoke: Effects on Children, Babies and Infants,” by reports that the estimated types of chemicals contained in secondhand smoke are approximately 7,000, with 250 types of them having been verified as toxic (at least 70 of them are ca

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